NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin leg injury a major concern; Can Celtics acquire Clippers PF on a discounted deal?

NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin leg injury a major concern; Can Celtics acquire Clippers PF on a discounted deal?

The availability of Blake Griffin in trades this offseason has been talked about but there is one growing concern for one rival NBA general manager (GM) about the status of Griffin’s leg at this point of his career. The Clippers may not be getting great value for Griffin in any trade, if the rumors on the big man’s injuries are true.

An unnamed rival executive stated, via the Boston Herald, that there is still concern about the Los Angeles Clippers power forward’s leg. Griffin is one of the most athletic players in the NBA and is also one of the most exciting players because of his high-flying acts.

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“I still think there’s a concern with his leg. We looked into him, and we’re hearing that’s a pretty serious thing. I’m not saying you don’t go after him, but you’d better be really sure about that leg before you go making any big commitments,” the GM reportedly said.

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There are rumors that Griffin needed a bone marrow transplant last season when he missed part of the postseason because of a torn quad injury.

While playing college basketball for Oklahoma, Griffin had injured both his left and right knees. Before officially playing in an NBA regular season game, Griffin also injured his kneecap after a dunk attempt in preseason. It was a confirmed stress fracture in his left knee and the rookie would miss the first seven weeks of his NBA career.

Griffin’s injury history will not be good for the Clippers if they want to trade their star forward this summer. Teams like the Boston Celtics have not confirmed interest in the big man but there are NBA rumors of a three-team deal that also involves the Sacramento Kings. In the rumored deal, Griffin will join the Celtics while Rudy Gay will be going to the Clippers.

Griffin will also hit free agency after the new NBA season, which means the Clippers may be looking to unload him now for younger players or future picks. The Celtics have the Brooklyn Nets’ first round pick in next year’s draft and could use it as trade bait for the Clippers.

Meanwhile, Boston is looking to add another star after landing Al Horford this free agency. If they can land Griffin, the Horford-Griffin frontcourt will be one of the best offensive big men pairing in the league.

If the NBA rumors of Griffin’s injury are true, then the Celtics won’t have to give up too much in a deal with the Clippers. The probable trade could be the Nets’ first rounder plus another young player in their roster.

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Should the Celtics take the risk and acquire Griffin, who have questions about his health? With many NBA trade rumors, should the Clippers deal their big man now, when he still has high trade value?

  • Bongstradamus

    They are not going to trade Blake for Rudy Gay. Blake is a top 10 player in this league capable of putting up MVP numbers when healthy.

  • Kyle Racine

    The Celtics are NOT going to trade the Nets pick. Every sports writer for the last two seasons has been writing articles about them trading some of those picks. It isn’t happening. The 2017 draft is going to be loaded. The Celtics will most likely have the best shot at the first overall pick.
    Just because Ainge is a savant at building a team people assume the Celtics are in ” win now” mode. They would like to win as many games as possible, but they aren’t going to mortage the future to bring in Griffin.