NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin has no interest with other teams, yet; to re-sign with Clippers in 2017?

NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin has no interest with other teams, yet; to re-sign with Clippers in 2017?

Blake Griffin is clinging on returning with the Los Angeles Clippers next year. This dispels rumors swirling that he has an interest in signing with other teams.

Basketball Insider’s Steve Kyler notes that trade talks and Griffin free agency scenarios are getting louder by the minute. Nothing concrete has been certain as of yet. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers is blunt in saying that they are in no way interested in trading Griffin in the future.

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“If that is genuinely true, then there is no point in speculating about Griffin. The Clippers can and likely will offer more money in free agency and with Griffin’s business interests in the L.A. market, the odds of him picking up and walking away are pretty slim,” Kyler writes.

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Rivers is optimistic that Griffin will re-sign and retire with the Clippers’ franchise. And the feeling is mutual as sources close to the 27-year-old Oklahoma City native stated that Griffin plans to stay in L.A. and with the Clippers.

Though Griffin will be one of the most sought-after free agents next summer, Rivers and the Clippers are to offer more money to keep the power forward on their roster. There is no plausible scenario yet for Griffin unless he decides to go elsewhere and gain more financial benefits.

Though the chances of Griffin walking away from the Clippers next year are slim, but if they lose another stint in the playoffs, things might make a turnaround. There is also the possibility the Clippers overhauling their roster next summer to get the right pieces together.

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Rivers, who is also the Clippers’ president for basketball operations, stated that they will move heaven and earth to keep Griffin next year. And that also goes for Chris Paul, who is also set to join Griffin in free agency in July.

The thought of losing Griffin via free agency next year is unbearable for the Clippers. But looking at the other side of the coin, it might also help them. They may let go of Griffin and pursue other players, who could help the likes of Paul and DeAndre Jordan to make it to the finals somehow.

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