NBA Rumors: Bulls to offer Denzel Valentine, Doug McDermott in a trade for Jahlil Okafor?

NBA Rumors: Bulls to offer Denzel Valentine, Doug McDermott in a trade for Jahlil Okafor?

The Chicago Bulls are rich in ball handlers and are in need of some enforcers inside the paint and rumors are swirling that the Bulls are offering Denzel Valentine and Doug McDermott for a trade with Philadelphia 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor.

The 22-year old Valentine has shown his wares as he led the Bulls past the Cavs, 85-79 to move into the finals of the NBA Summer League. The 6-foot-6 Valentine finished the game with 18 points and eight rebounds top provide the needed numbers for the Bulls. He is an exciting rookie out of Michigan State and he can space out the floor and make room for his teammates to operate both in and out of the shaded area.

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On the other hand, Doug McDermott is a second-year player who averages 9.4 points, .07 assist and 2.4 rebounds per game making him a suitable candidate coming off the bench. With both Valentine and McDermott as part of a trade package, it is something that the 76ers could look into since they need players who could space out the floor on offense.

The 76ers are struggling in that department as they have an unbalanced roster with too many big men and manager Bryan Colangelo has stated that having many big men on the roster creates a log jam.

Colangelo expressed concern that they might not be able to get the rotation they need when the new season tips off, thus a potential trade would solve the current situation of their team.

Though there are some who are pessimistic with the idea of the trade considering that the Bulls already has veteran ball handlers on their roster with the addition of Chicago native Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. Surely an idea of bringing a legitimate center to the Bulls such as Okafor would be welcome as they need someone inside the paint as well.

Having Okafor inside would give the Bulls additional frontcourt depth and at the same time gain a rim protector. Okafor is just 20 years old, given a time to learn from the Bulls’ veterans he will be a strong enforcer inside the paint.

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One issue with Okafor is his knee but he is recovering from a surgery and has been limited to workouts in the gym to strengthen him for the new season.

The 76ers does not want to include Okafor in a scrimmage as they would want him to recover fully from his injury before the team hits training camp. Plus, the 76ers does not want him injured if they are to engage in a trade such as with the Bulls.

The Bulls are already loaded in the backcourt position and are looking to rebuild their frontcourt for next season. Trading for Okafor would benefit the Bulls as they would have a legitimate center to work with while the 76ers would also benefit from the trade as they will address the unbalance that they are having on their roster.

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  • Thec

    Works for both teams…6ers would be getting a really good deal.
    2 3 pt shooters to go with Simmons and Embiid…