NBA Rumors: Can the Warriors offer Stephen Curry $165 million in a contract if he re-signs?

Can the Warriors offer Stephen Curry $165 million in a contract if he re-signs?

Loyalty and championship titles are things that will make Stephen Curry re-sign with the Golden State Warriors in 2017. Curry’s value will increase by 200 percent and rumors are swirling if the Warriors can give him a hefty $165 million contract.

Real GM reported that Curry is now one of the valued assets of the Warriors after he signed a $44 million contract extension back in 2012. Marc Stein reported that by estimate computation Curry will get a $165 million contract from Warriors when free agency hits next summer.

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Curry has stated this week that he plans to stay with the Warriors and that no distraction could even push him to change his mind. The two-time MVP stated that he likes playing with the Warriors and hopes to bring back the championship crown which they lost to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers last season.

Undoubtedly Curry’s statement has erased the fears of both the Warriors franchise and its fans that he would do a “Durant-like” stint. However, there is no doubt as well that teams will try to lobby a hefty contract and other promises just to lure Curry. However, Curry has stated that he plans to stay where he is now.

“My answer’s no different all year,” Curry said. “You can keep asking me, and I’ll have the same answer.”

Asked if he will consult now teammate Kevin Durant on contract extensions. Curry answered that he might but added that it will not distract his already made up mind on where to play next season.

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The Warriors opened their training camp and both Curry and head coach Steve Kerr called it’s a very “smooth” opening. Curry stressed that it’s all “business as usual” for all of them as they try to try various combinations on the floor to strengthen and spread both their offense and defense.

Curry now has a $12 million salary base for this season, which makes him the fourth highest paid Warrior. But the team is to make some reconstruction depending on where the salary cap will fall to let Curry know that he is a very valuable asset to the team.

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