NBA Rumors: Cavaliers-Celtics-76ers trade suggests Kevin Love to Celtics; Nerlens Noel to Cavaliers; Three players to 76ers

NBA Rumors: Cavaliers-Celtics-76ers trade suggests Kevin Love to Celtics; Nerlens Noel to Cavaliers; Three players to 76ers

There are NBA rumors that swirled regarding the possible trade that might see Kevin Love going to the Philadelphia 76ers, while Nerlens Noel heading to the Cleveland Cavaliers. But the deal wouldn’t actually work without the Boston Celtics joining the deal based on the latest NBA rumors about those teams.

According to Lucas Johnson of The Sixer Sense, he suggested a three-team trade between the Cavaliers, Celtics and the 76ers that might actually work involving Kevin Love, Nerlens Noel and four other players.

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The trade would see Love is moving to the Celtics, Noel and Jonas Jerebko going to the Cavaliers and Jaylen Brown, Amir Johnson and Terry Rozier heading to the 76ers.

Johnson noted that a deal wouldn’t work between the Cavaliers and the 76ers because Love doesn’t want to play for a rebuilding team.

He also mentioned that adding the Celtics in the trade conversation would make the deal work. If Love is traded to the Celtics, he would form a new big three with Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas in Boston.

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers are getting a huge upgrade with Noel at the center spot. They also got Jonas Jerebko from the deal that would fill the position of Love as a stretch four.

The 76ers didn’t actually lose in the trade as they added Brown, Johnson and Rozier in their lineup.

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Rozier is a sophomore point guard that could fill the hole at the PG spot for Philadelphia. Though Brown is just a rookie next season, he is still capable of being a starting shooting guard for the team. In addition, Johnson would be a veteran presence for the young players of the franchise.

The NBA rumors between these three teams might not happen this off-season, but they might look into this deal if their regular seasons wouldn’t start in a good way.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

  • visha

    Wow, what a POS article that is totally baseless. A blogger dreams up a scenario and you repeat it as if it’s a real story?
    Hey I got one: Hillary Clinton and Trump had sex and now they want to blow up Mexico. For real!

  • Seph

    Sir SportsRageous only reports the cold hard news!!! lol

  • Mike Davis

    Cavs wouldn’t touch this, they would have to overpay Noel big time in the offseasson and that would make zero sense with Thompson already getting that gigantic contract last season. That Sixer sense has some incredibly Sixer bias written articles that I Luke take with a grain O’s sand.

  • Sheldon Kennedy

    The Celtics need a rim protector. Noel can do this but has bad hands. There is nothing in this for the Celtics. Kelly Olynik is tougher than Kevin Love and is better on defense. Kyrie Irving, Lebron, or Thompson are the only good pieces on Cleveland. Philly has a lot of flawed tall guys.