NBA Rumors: Celtics to acquire Jahlil Okafor from Sixers without sacrificing Jaylen Brown?

NBA Rumors: Celtics to acquire Jahlil Okafor from Sixers without sacrificing Jaylen Brown?

The Boston Celtics failed to sign Kevin Durant but they are capable of trading for players like Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin or DeMarcus Cousins. However, the latest NBA rumors suggest that Jahlil Okafor may be the most plausible trade target for the Celtics this offseason.

Even though Boston signed Al Horford to pair up with Isaiah Thomas, they still need another superstar to be considered legitimate contenders in the East. But the Celtics may be out of luck with Love, Butler and Cousins off the market while Westbrook and Griffin might be staying home until the trade deadline.

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According to Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer, the Celtics are the likeliest destination for Philadelphia 76ers sophomore center Jahlil Okafor. He mentioned that Boston could acquire the 20-year-old without sacrificing 2016 3rd overall pick Jaylen Brown, and the Brooklyn Nets’ first-round picks for 2017 and 2018.

“There’s a lot for the Sixers to choose from: Terry Rozier, Demetrius Jackson, James Young, R.J. Hunter, Marcus Thornton, Guerschon Yabusele, Ben Bentil,Jordan Mickey, Ante Zizic, and future picks,” Tjarks wrote.

Okafor seems like a good fit in Boston to work with Horford inside while the perimeter players negate his defensive issues. He is very easy to trade for at the moment since the Sixers know that his value will continue to decrease as the offseason progresses.

Philadelphia has a glut of frontcourt players with Ben Simmons and Dario Saric joining Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel, and Okafor. The Sixers seems to be inclined to trading Okafor because Embiid has the best potential and Noel still fits their roster.

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And for those people waiting for Danny Ainge to pull a big trade, one rival general manager told the Boston Herald that the Celtics are going to be active in the trade market. He noted that Ainge will not pull the trigger on a deal if he feels like it would better to hold on to their prized assets.

“Oh, Danny definitely wants to do something. We’ve got nothing that really works with Boston, but I bet something happens there,” the GM said.

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  • Mark Bogucki

    Talk about clueless.Okafor for a bunch of garbage.Yup sounds like its possible.FN idiotic.

  • Keenan Kohler

    Right they let anybody write these things what an idiot

  • Phillyrich1

    Ainge is awesome at working the media. The other GMs are onto him though.

  • Bob

    No, it would cost the Celtics at lest jaylen brown and dem jackson

    • ElGgggs

      They are not going to trade Jaylen Brown.

      • Dewbs

        Maybe, maybe not but he is talking about value. Okafor is 20 years old coming off a 17/7 rookie season with 20/10 potential. If the Celtics do trade for him they will have to actually give up something of value. You can’t rip off every team xD

        • ElGgggs

          Danny has lots of guards to trade and a few picks. He is not going to give up JB. He is short on longer players big time plus guy is great athlete.

          • Dewbs

            You missed my point I am not talking about Brown I am talking about value. It’s fine if you love Brown but understand that Okafor is literally a better rated prospect than Brown. if the Sixers offered some late draft picks or some sub par prospects like Holmes, TLC, or Korkmaz would you take them for Brown? Unlikely. A trade may not happen but the point is you can’t trade spare parts for a top tier prospect.

        • Dwayne

          Yea they are gonna have to give up at least a high valued player plus a first round pick hands down I’m a Sixers fan I rather trade noel than okafor because he can score l

          • chris n

            because he can score, and you’re a basketball simpleton

          • Dewbs

            I wouldn’t go that far. Philadelphia needs help on both sides but they need people who can finish. With Simmons style having guys around the net who can finish is a dangerous weapon. It isn’t a negative for fans to push for offense. It is much easier to find a defensive specialist at reasonable price as opposed someone who can run the score up. A team ranked 29th in offense should value an ability to finish.

          • Platinum68

            And you are a cowardly internet tough guy.

  • ElGgggs

    I think they would have to give up Bradley ++.

  • Kev

    Probably the dumbest article i have ever read. Yeah lets trade okafor for a bunch of terrible players

    • chris n

      he’s worse than any of them

  • Realhiphopsearch


    They must of meant to write Noel

    • chris n


      • Platinum68

        okafor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> noel

  • ICDogg

    It’s no secret one of Okafor/Noel is available for trade, but the cost will be higher than the garbage some are suggesting. They’re not going to trade one of them just because they have an extra, unless the return makes the team better two years from now than it would if they didn’t make a deal.
    They’re probably expecting maybe 25 wins this season, which is a major improvement but still not a playoff-making record. Next season, with more talent and as the players on this ridiculously young team gain experience, maybe they’re one of those teams clamoring for the 8th seed and easily dispatched in the 1st round, if they even get there. Note that these are optimistic but achievable goals for a team that just won 10 games.
    The point is they’re not even close to a likely contender this year or next, unless something crazy happens that we can’t account for. The soonest that is a halfway reasonable possibility – even if they do just about everything right – is 2018-19. And so they’re not going to trade Okafor or Noel unless they see it as a way to get better in 2 years and beyond.

    • Dewbs

      I will note that jumps in the East can be hard to predict. The Bucks won 15 games and finished in last place one season then the next year they won 41 games and finished in the 6th seed without really making any big moves. PHI’s roster also looks even harder to predict with players like Embiid and Saric who are technically rookies but could likely be far less raw in development than the average rookie as well as Simmons who despite needing some work looks like he will make an immediate impact and the unknown progress of Okafor in his 2nd year if he stays given he showed up to Vegas looking slimmed down as well as his last 2 months of play before injury showing strong improvement.

      If they have chemistry they may make a pretty big jump. Or maybe lack of experience will catch them I am certainly interested in keeping an eye on them this year.

      • ICDogg

        It’s possible. To me Embiid is the key. If he’s healthy and as good or even better than we thought he was two years ago, it changes everything.

  • Shocker Shocked

    The best place for Okafor is the Knicks and the triangle. I think he would be good in that system. If I was Philly, I would try to get a first round pick and Justin Holiday or Courtney Lee from the Knicks. They also have a good small forward they just signed from Europe that I think will be a good player coming off the bench. Brandon Jennings is also a possibility.