NBA Rumors: Celtics acquiring Kevin Love from Cavaliers in a crazy 3-team trade with Kings suggested

NBA Rumors: Celtics acquiring Kevin Love from Cavaliers in a crazy 3-team trade with Kings suggested

Kevin Love went from zero to hero of the NBA Finals when he played great in Game 7 to seal the Cleveland Cavaliers first championship. Still, there are some NBA rumors linking Love to a trade and this time it is a crazy three-team deal with the Boston Celtics and Sacramento Kings.

The 27-year-old power forward did a great job defending Stephen Curry in the final minutes of Game 7 and it ultimately led head coach Tyronn Lue to say that Love is not going anywhere, per ESPN Radio. However, the Golden State Warriors reloaded with Kevin Durant which means the Cavaliers need an upgrade.

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Aaron Ferguson of King James Gospel suggested a crazy three-team trade that will send Kevin Love to the Celtics while the Cavaliers get DeMarcus Cousins and the Kings get Marcus Smart and Jae Crowder. He noted that other players and picks will likely need to get involved for salary purposes.

It would be a great deal for the Kings since they will get rid of Cousins while the Cavaliers would get a great player that fits their team. Sacramento drafted a bunch of big men in the past two years which means they would need a guard and wing (Smart and Crowder).

On the other hand, the Celtics will finally get the third star they wanted to become a legitimate threat to the defending champions. Al Horford can protect the rim on defense while he and Kevin Love can stretch the floor as Isaiah Thomas attacks the rim on the other end.

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However, it should be noted that these are just NBA rumors at the moment. The Cavaliers still has not re-signed LeBron James while the Kings has one more year to prove that he is coachable. As for the Celtics and Kevin Love, they seem fine where they are right now but things can change as the season progress.

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  • sean

    This would be a horrible trade for the Celtics, if they are going to move Smart and Crowder, they’d be the team to get Cousins back. He is far superior to Kevin Love.

  • Bill

    SportsRageous, stop it! You are a hack. You and Blow Sports need to quit your sad attempts at sports journalism. You have NOOO legitimate sources to get legitimate info from and all you’re doing is making fools out of yourselves. You know nothing about the Celtics, Danny Ainge or the NBA for that matter. You are just a hack fan who made a website. Every article you have written and that I homemade the mistake of reading is absurd and loaded with unfounded claims. You create rumors so you can have something to report on. That is sad and lame. The Celtics would never make any of the trades you come up with. Please stop!.. If not for your sake.. maybe for the rest of us. Go back to your day job or start a new site with the title ‘Sports Liar’. You and your site are very annoying and take up unearned space and time. Have some self respect and dignity.