NBA Rumors: Celtics looking at assets to make a trade for 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor?

NBA Rumors: Celtics looking at assets to make a trade for 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor?

The Boston Celtics have always been linked with the Philadelphia 76ers ever since the 76ers offered to trade some of its big men. Rumors are swirling that the Celtics is looking deep at its assets which they could use as trade package for 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor.

If the Celtics are able to get Okafor via trade, it would help the team solidify its inside defense. The Celtics could have Okafor man the middle with Al Horford taking the no. 4 position with Isaiah Thomas taking the lead in the frontcourt position. In offense, the Celtics would be a force to be reckoned with. They would possess a rotation that would have Okafor, Horford, Thomas and Amir Johnson leading the crew.

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Aside from that, the Celtics also has a talented bench crew. The Celtics would bank on Avery Bradley, Jay Crowder, Terry Rozier, and rookie Ben Bentil. They are also hoping to have Kelly Olynyk to be healthy when the season starts.

In return for Okafor, the Celtics could offer Marcus Smart and James Young to the 76ers. It is a given fact that the 76ers are having a logjam with its big men and hopes to get playmakers that could space out the floor for them. Both Smart and Young have proven their worth coming off the bench for the Celtics last season.

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Aside from Okafor, other names that have been linked with the Celtics include Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook and DeAndre Jordan. But among the names linked to them, Okafor seem to make sense despite the arguments by fans and critics. Matt Moore wrote that the Celtics “will not give up too much” to get Okafor via trade as they have expressed concerns about his attitude off the court.

But regardless of what other thinks of Okafor, the Celtics could invest on him as he can still develop into a quality all-star player. At age 20, Okafor has a lot of things to learn and with the Celtics investing on a younger unit for its future, having Okafor might be a great gamble for them.

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  • Kyle Racine

    You say by picking up Okafor that would beef up the Celtics defense? Okafor has proven to be a good scorer, but the dude can’t play defense to save his life. He would be a liability to a team that was top 5 in almost all defensive categories. At least know about the player your writing about.
    Also, James Young proved that he is absolute trash. He averaged 1ppg last season. On what planet do you consider that proving your worth? The Celtics would NEVER trade Smart for Okafor. Not a chance. It just sounds dumb. Many people within the organization think Smart is going to be an All-Star. Most of ESPN’s player ranking think he will be an All-Star as well. Okafor’s game is out dated. He wouldn’t fit Stevens system at all.
    When you made those comments about Okafors defense and Young proving his worth, it is clear you know nothing about either of these player. I pray somebody is not paying you to write this trash. It would have taken you five minutes to do research on both of these players to realize how dumb your article sounded. Seriously Peter, you could do much better.
    I should add, Bradley doesn’t come off the bench. He was on the FIRST TEAM ALL DEFENSIVE TEAM this past season. How could you include him in the solid players who come off the bench. Just like the players you write about, you should at least know something about the teams your writing about. Seriously, I hope you’re very busy at your job and you write this stuff for fun.