NBA Rumors: Celtics targeting DeMarcus Cousins, Jahlil Okafor but Danny Ainge overvaluing Boston’s players?

NBA Rumors: Celtics targeting DeMarcus Cousins, Jahlil Okafor but Danny Ainge overvaluing Boston’s players?

Danny Ainge has confirmed the NBA rumors that the Boston Celtics have tried to make a major deal this 2016 offseason but admitted that other teams are just asking for too much.

Linked to the Celtics earlier in the summer are DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings), Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls) and Jahlil Okafor (Philadelphia 76ers).

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The Celtics failed on their bid to get Kevin Durant in the 2016 offseason and their fans are disappointed that the team has still not landed a deal for a superstar. Durant reportedly considered signing in Boston, which he said were among the top teams he was targeting but eventually landed with the Golden State Warriors.

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Ainge, the general manager and president of the Celtics, shared his thoughts about Boston’s offseason on a podcast with Larry H. Russell from CLNS Radio.

“We were aggressive in trade talks but those depend on price. We were just trying to make the best decisions we can,” Ainge said in the interview to address the NBA rumors. “We’re trying to get a star but price matters. If our fans saw the prices on some of the trades, they’d say ‘Yeah they made the right decision,”

No specific deals were reported but it’s likely that teams are looking to land one of the players in the Celtics rotation and Ainge mentioned some of the key players that they deem has more value than other players they will get in a trade.

“It’s hard to improve via trade on the guys we have. You can’t just go pick up guys better than Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder — they usually aren’t available. We feel good about our players,” Ainge added.

Some players like Cousins, Butler and Okafor are stars or franchise players for their current squads and their teams might be also asking for Boston’s pick via Brooklyn Nets, which is projected to be a high lottery pick.

The trio have been mentioned in NBA rumors sending them to Boston but the Bulls are likely to try out Butler first with new teammates Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade. Cousins and Okafor could be on the trading block if they continue to struggle in the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

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It is likely that those teams want one of Boston’s key players, some young guys and the future first rounder from the Nets that Ainge have not finalized any deal so far this season.

Is Danny Ainge overvaluing his trade assets and players? Or should they give up most of their valued assets to add another star to their line-up?

Photo courtesy: Aaron Frutman/Wikimedia Commons

  • DaveACIM

    actually, most Boston fans are very happy w off season as it is –Horford is a HUGE addition, and the kids are great–with two potential high #1 picks in next two years, and a team that was already very good, fans are happy to wait–keep cap space for major FA next off season, and keep the picks–

  • sean

    I think Boston just need to stay the course, this upcoming draft is going to be filled with franchise players. If that along with one of our core doesn’t bring a superstar, then the asking price is too high and just go the course. The Celtics have enough cap space next offseason to use that BKN pick and sign another max player, so patience is the best option.

    • 123Star

      As of now, Celtics do not have a Center. Fans have been Patient but Ainge wants to hang on for next year. And the C’s need a 3 point shooter, they passed on Buddy Heild
      in the draft. Every Year is important, good star players are not getting any younge
      They get rid of Sullunger a double double guy, and get Horford. Really not that much of boost in numbers. They Need a Rim Protector, time is running out…

  • CrossEyedJack

    Stick with what we got and pick up Talent in FA and Draft. I like the current lineup they are going to be a top Defense in NBA and one of the deepest teams in the league. They play with heart and play to win. The best thing to do is develop the young players for another season or 2.

    C’s could have finished #2 or 3 in the East last season and done much better in the post season if it wasn’t for injuries. This team is better then people think and It will show next season.

    Plenty of teams with “Super” stars that don’t even make the playoffs.

  • booboo

    the Celtics really only have a bunch of ok players…..they are way overvalued