NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls reveal their offseason plan for Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler

NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls reveal their offseason plan for Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Chicago Bulls regarding their offseason plan for their two superstars Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler.

Derrick Rose has been part of recent trade rumors involving the Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia 76ers. According to Joe Cowley of Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Bulls’ president of basketball operations John Paxson and general manager Gar Forman will be looking for a quality point guard in the NBA draft. Not only because Derrick Rose will be entering his final year before his contract expires, but also because they do not have faith that Rose will still be fit for coach Fred Hoiberg’s system.

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It is undeniable that Rose’s performance has tremendously gone down when he suffered multiple injuries in the past seasons. There are no direct confirmation from the Bulls’ management if they will be pursuing the trade but they must make a huge adjustment in their roster to be a more competitive team next season.

On the other hand, Jimmy Butler was also previously included in the trade rumors. The two-way Bulls’ star attracts lots of NBA teams including the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Both teams can offer their top picks to the Chicago Bulls to acquire Butler. However, it seems like the Chicago Bulls would prefer to keep him and make him the main man of their team.

According to A. Sherrod Blakely of, the Chicago Bulls are open to listening to offers for Butler but that should benefit more their team. The said trade offer should involve a top-3 pick in the 2016 NBA draft and a starter which is obviously too much for any NBA team to make.

“A league source tells that the Bulls, while still open to listening to offers for Butler, are telling teams that are inquiring about his availability that their plan, for now, is to keep him in the fold.”

“And while there was some thought that a top-3 pick coupled with a few decent players might be enough to entice the Bulls to pull the trigger on a deal to trade Butler, has been told such an offer would have to include at least one “legitimate, NBA starter” for the Bulls to even possibly consider trading him.”

If the trade will not proceed, the Chicago Bulls can still build up their team with Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose. There are speculations that coach Fred Hoiberg will be moving Rose to the shooting guard position and Butler to the small forward position. This means that their main focus this offseason is still to find a quality point guard either via trade, NBA draft or free agency.

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  • Arielle

    Move derrick to shooting guard maybe this will shut people up and leave him alone damn and yall don’t know what Fred’s system will be to say that he wouldn’t fit in it is BS

    • Brian Davis

      Fuck Fred hoiberg he’s a joke that trash ass offense not gonna work in the NBA we need defense bring back thibs

      • Scoe63

        I agree with the 1st part of your premise.

        However, we did see the offense work pretty well when EVERYONE was committed to playing within the system.

        The problem was…

        1. Two of the Bulls starters (Jimmy Butler and Pau Gasol) had no interest in playing within the system.

        2. Fred Hoiberg proved to be spineless and couldn’t/wouldn’t DEMAND that EVERYONE play within the system.

        Which is why Jimmy Butler MUST be traded ASAP while his value is high.

        Fred Hoiberg should be either fired or reassigned ASAP…

        … because clearly his passiveness will breed more insubordination from young players

        • Brian Davis

          I agree I say keep rose an get rid of jimmy an Fred hoiberg asap an bring back noah

  • Scoe63

    1. So you have the best Point Guard in Chicago Bulls history and you move him to an unnatural position – shooting guard?

    2. So you have the best Point Guard to come out of Chicago since Isiah Thomas…

    …and you move him to Shooting Guard?

    3. So you have the YOUNGEST MVP IN NBA HISTORY and you move him to Shooting Guard?

    4. Derrick Rose spent 50% of his (2015/16) minutes watching a Small Forward walking the ball up court..

    …any coincidence that the Bulls barely won 50% of their games and are a lottery team?

    5. Moving Derrick Rose (or any elite Point Guard) to shooting guard would be mismanagement on the highest level.

    * Even worst than having an elite Point Guard (Derrick Rose) standing around watching a Small Forward (Jimmy Butler) walking the ball up court.

    • fcabanski

      Rose is no longer elite.

  • Brian Davis

    This shit is a joke my bulls days about to be over with forman an paxson ruined our organization Fred hoiberg is not a NBA coach smdh

  • Logic Johnson

    How many speculations are there, exactly?