NBA Rumors: Clippers equipment manager Matias Testi fired over Blake Griffin?

NBA Rumors: Clippers equipment manager Matias Testi fired over Blake Griffin?

As the Los Angeles Clippers ready themselves for the new season, rumors are swirling that the team’s equipment manager Matias Testi got fired after getting punched by Blake Griffin early this year.

TMZ reported that Clippers’ equipment manager Matias Testi is no longer connected with the team, though the Clippers have not responded if the Testi was either fired or he quit. Testi was punched by Griffin which happened after a road game against the Toronto Raptors in January.

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Neither the team nor Testi did not give any statement regarding the situation. The punching incident caused the Clippers several games as Griffin suffered a broken hand and was suspended due to his behavior. Testi, on the other end, suffered facial injuries as a result of the incident.

It appeared that both Testi and Griffin managed to move on from the incident with Griffin stating that Testi managed to describe the whole thing as but natural since they have been together for the past years with the Clippers organization.

Griffin noted that Testi stated that it is but natural for things to happen, but the best way to settle things is to bury the hatch and move on from there.

“It’s something I think about every day and wishes I could take it back, and I’ve told Matias that,” Griffin said in February. “I have talked to Matias tons of times since the incident. He actually said it best: ‘This stuff happens and we’re like brothers and we just have to move on.’”

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The Clippers are hoping that both Testi and Griffin have both learned their lessons from the incident. And since Testi is not coming back with the team, the Clippers hope that Griffin would control his temper and avoid a similar incident in the future.

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