NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins leaving Kings in 2018?

NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins leaving Kings in 2018?

If the Sacramento Kings think that DeMarcus Cousins is staying for a while, many analysts say then they are dead wrong. Rumors are swirling that Cousins will leave the Kings when he hits free agency by 2018.

CBS Sports reports that talks of Cousins leaving the Kings went around for some time. Despite the hiring of Dave Joerger, the Kings are still destined to lose the 26-year old Olympian. Good news for the Kings, Cousins has a high price tag that they could use to their leverage.

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“They’re fooling themselves if they think he’s sticking around,” said one league executive. “The good news for them is his value will always be high. There isn’t a point of no return where you’re not getting high value for him. Teams will bid against each other in the trade market. Maybe [Cousins] doesn’t go for the biggest money in free agency, but you’d love to have that card to play.”

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But until that happens, Joerger has a tall order in being able to get Cousins trust him and his system. Joerger was best known in utilizing Mark Gasol playing along Mike Conley and Zach Randolph. The Kings are hoping that Joerger would able to do the same with Cousins before marketing him in the future.

Cousins have a hot temper when it comes to officiating as he actually leads the league with 17 technical fouls last year. He could not seem to figure how to control his emotions once official blows their whistle against him. Other sees that a solution to controlling his outburst of emotion is to continue with putting him on the floor.

Last season, Cousins averaged 26.9 points with 11.5 and 1.4 blocks per game for the Kings and that is something that Joerger needs to work with. He could maximize Cousins on the floor for him to understand why officials do their work.

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Joerger sees leadership potential in Cousins. As a coach, Joerger wants to motivate Cousins on what he can give to the team in the long run. And that includes the values of teamwork, which Joerger is hoping that the team could do all season long.

Many see Cousins as a hopeless case and that the Kings as an organization is a mess. But Joerger believes it can still be fixed and the only way to do it is with trust and respect. Joerger is not asking for an overnight change but hopes to get Cousins to lead the way.

Many see it as an ideal thing to happen to the Kings especially noting that Cousins will jump to free agency by 2018. It will be a bidding war for teams who would want his services, but until that happens, the Kings should make things happen to get something out of it.

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