NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose drags Lakers’ Nick Young in 2014 rape case?

NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose drags Lakers’ Nick Young in 2014 rape case?

Derrick Rose is singing a new tune as he drags Lakers’ Nick Young to discredit his rape accuser in the 2014 alleged gang rape. Rumors are swirling that Young had sexual relations with the roommate of the Jane Doe who is accusing Rose.

TMZ reported that a woman identified only as Jane Doe has charged Rose and two of his friends of drugging and gang raping her. She added that Rose allegedly pressured her to do other sexual acts in front of him to which she refused.

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She noted that she got traumatized by the incident as she claimed that she was still a virgin when of the incident. However, a text message has surfaced that would question her credibility as an accuser. Rose’s camp has established that Doe was having sexual relations with other celebrities including two NBA players besides Rose.

“Since u going to nicks can u please tell him to give u my bra lol,” Doe’s text message to a roommate in Nov. 2014.

Rose’s camp further stated that the roommate confirmed that Jane Doe was referring to Nick Young, who was still dating rapper Iggy Azalea at that time. Young has not yet issued a comment on the matter, and if it was true then Doe’s story would be a lie and that her accusations would be baseless.

In her statement, Doe narrated that she and Rose continued to date until Aug. 2013 when the NBA star and two of his friends invited her to Rose’s house in Beverly Hills. She added that the men slipped drugs into her drink and wanted to rape her. Doe continued that she managed to escape together a friend.

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However, Doe added that Rose and his crew managed to follow her to her apartment where the alleged gang rape happened. She added that she was in no way to fend off her attackers as she was still dazed by the drug in her drink but could remember the faces of her assailants.

It took years for Jane Doe to get enough courage to file the case as she came from a very conservative family. She does not want to embarrass their name because of what happened to her.

If the new text message would stand in court, then the decision would favor Rose and company. However, it would leave another stain on Young’s name, whose loyalty was the reason for his breakup with Iggy. Young is now moving on with his life as he is now dating R&B singer Paloma Ford.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr