NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose will actively recruit for the Knicks, first target Joakim Noah?

NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose will actively recruit for the Knicks, first target Joakim Noah?

Derrick Rose stated that he did not know that the Chicago Bulls would trade him, but thanked them for giving him a new start as rumors are swirling that he will be very active in recruiting players in the coming free agency season and he will first start with former teammate Joakim Noah.

Rose knows that Noah is a native from New York and noted that having and playing with him for his hometown will be another run in their NBA careers. Noah ends his tenure with the Bulls and is not keen on making a comeback as he had limited playing time under coach Fred Hoiberg. It also seems that the feeling is mutual because if the Bulls does not match any offers for Noah, who is an unrestricted free agent, it could give them an additional cap space in their pursuit of another talented player in the free agency market.

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There have been reports of Noah going to the Minnesota Timberwolves in a bid to reunite with coach Tom Thibodeau, but nothing is still official as the free agency starts on July 1. But one thing is certain Rose will try to snag the 31-year old center to play for the Knicks next season. It seemed that Rose has started his recruitment as NY Post noted that Rose and Noah were spotted inside the 10ak club in Manhattan. The meeting was a casual one and two were seen on the eve before Rose was formally introduced as a Knicks player.

“Oh, I want him. He knows that. I think his family knows that ” Rose said Friday at his Knicks intro. “Even last night, I was talking to him about it. He’s in a position where he got injured twice last year, it was his contract year and he has to figure out what he wants to do.”

Aside from Rose, Knicks president of operations, Phil Jackson has also expressed admiration for Noah’s work ethics and the energy he brings. Jackson noted that Noah is the kind of player that will for the sure best suit with his infamous triangle offense. However, Jackson and the rest of the Knicks will have to divide their salary cap to have space if they would choose to go after Noah.

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The Knicks have a $30 million in cap space and will still have to make room if they are looking to add a point guard and another shooting guard via free agency. Although, having Noah with the Knicks will bring in leadership and would free Carmelo Anthony of any defensive pressure as both Noah and Rose can score heavily both in and out of the shaded area.

“I felt like my body held up,” Rose said. “This summer is all about conditioning and catching that rhythm. … As far as putting expectations or trying to see how many games I’ll play, there’s no point in doing that. I don’t want to jinx myself.”

For Rose, he thanked the Bulls for giving him the opportunity to make a fresh start. He is now focusing on strengthening and getting back his rhythm. With a healthy Rose in their roster and the possible addition of Noah, the Knicks are looking at a path from mediocre to a contender next season.

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