NBA Rumors: Dion Waiters now unrestricted; Will he join Jeremy Lin in Brooklyn or Ben Simmons in Philadelphia?

NBA Rumors: Dion Waiters now unrestricted; Will he join Jeremy Lin in Brooklyn or Ben Simmons in Philadelphia?

Dion Waiters is one of the remaining quality players available in 2016 free agency. On Monday, the Oklahoma City Thunder rescinded his qualifying offer to make the shooting guard an unrestricted free agent (UFA), which will make it easier for other teams like the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers to get sign him this summer.

The 23-year-old shooting guard is seen as a good fit with the Nets’ Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez or the Sixers, which has many big men but have a shallow rotation in the guard positions.

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Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports confirmed OKC’s decision to rescind the qualifying offer.

Waiters is a five-year veteran who has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2012 to 2015 before landing with the Thunder the last two seasons. As one of bench players for OKC, Waiters averaged 9.8 points per game in 78 games in the regular season and 8.4 points per game in the playoffs.

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However, Waiters had shown in the past that he can be one of the first options on offense when he averaged in double figures with the Cavaliers in previous seasons. In his second year in the league, in Cleveland, Waiters averaged 15.9 points per game.

The Sixers and Nets are in search of additional depth especially in the guards position. Brooklyn failed in their attempt to get Tyler Johnson (Miami Heat) and Allen Crabbe (Portland Trail Blazers), who were both restricted free agents and were retained by their respective teams.

The Nets acquired Jeremy Lin earlier in free agency and are also rumored to other free agents like J.R. Smith. However, Waiters is expected to demand a cheaper deal than Smith and is also the younger player.

Philadelphia wants to add shooters to a team that already has many big men like Dario Saric, Ben Simmons, Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor. Adding Waiters makes sense since he is a shooter and can play the starting SG spot with the Sixers.

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Should Dion Waiters join Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez in Brooklyn? Or should the shooting guard choose the young guys at Philadelphia?

  • LinFan17

    Jeremy Lin really need Waiters to be his team partner. There are too many young boys in the team.

    • waky wake

      I reeeeally think you aught to go back to last season’s OKC videos, showing Waiters’ defensive efforts, before you make that conclusion. And too, he seems to play with blinders on, on the offensive side of the ball. He can shoot, no question there, but who’s going to cover his defensive shortcomings? I think Atkinson and Marks are concerned about that as well. Don’t be surprised if Brooklyn passes on Waiters.

      • LinFan17

        All the good apples are picked. There is not too many left in the market. Jeremy Lin is like a boy scout leader in Nets now.

        • waky wake

          Yeah, but he’s a scout leader with a brand new S-wiss A-rmy K-nife in his pocket. Let’s give him some time to discover all the tools that comes with that SAK. We may find that with Lin handling it, those tools can carve up a few teams, .

          • LinFan17

            It is fair to give Jeremy Lin finds out what he has in the team. Up to this moment, it does not looked very good. Most of his boys were from the bench or really new. We cannot expect too much for Nets this coming season.

          • waky wake

            I agree with you on not expecting too much this coming Nets season and you are right, most of his new teammates are from benches and unaccomplished. That being said, I and more importantly Atkinson have seen what Lin can do with a bunch of unproven and/or rarely used benchers. Remember, the Knicks started that 2012 run of wins with a number of benchers playing major minutes, due to injuries, not just Lin.


    I don’t see he could help Nets much.