NBA Rumors: Draymond Green suspended in Game 4 of Warriors vs. Thunder for his kick to Steven Adam’s balls

NBA Rumors: Draymond Green suspended in Game 4 of Warriors vs. Thunder for his kick to Steven Adam’s balls

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Golden State Warriors, 133-105 badly on Sunday night in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Worse for Golden State are the NBA rumors that star forward Draymond Green may miss the next game because of a dirty play he did against Thunder center Steven Adams, who was the recipient of a kick to the groin from Green during Game 3.

Watch Draymond Green kicking and hitting Steven Adams’ balls in one play in Game 3:

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Video Courtesy: YouTube/Ximo Pierto Final

In the play, Green was fouled by Adams but the Warriors forward continued his motion and appeared to intentionally kick the Kiwi center in the groin. Green was called for a flagrant foul after reviews by the referees during the game. It’s not sure if the NBA will review the play and add more penalties against Green.

Recently, Dahntay Jones made a similar dirty play in the Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game 3 on Saturday. Jones hit Raptors center Bismack Biyombo near the end of the game. The NBA reviewed the play and levied a one-game suspension on Jones.

Watch Dahntay Jones hitting Bismack Biyombo’s balls in Game 3:

Video courtesy: YouTube/Aqupas 2

Was Draymond Green’s hit on Steven Adams worse than Dahntay Jones’ hit on Bismack Biyombo? Should Green be suspended, according to the latest NBA rumors, for his dirty play on the OKC big man? If Jones was suspended with the punch, should Green also be banned in Game 4 of their series?

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

  • Lady Mookie

    No no Draymond should not be suspended it was an accident. Jones has a history of dirty plays ask Kobe. The Cavaliers only brought him in so they could use him to take out a player on the court. The NBA knows it. People are blowing this up too much. Plus Jones play wasnt called. Draymonds was and they dealt with it during the game. Let it go.

    • truth b told

      you arent a very informed basketball fan if you think Green’s kick didnt have intent or that he doesn’t have a past of being a dirty player. Green lost the ball then came down then quickly jumped again and flailed and kicked one leg out while looking where he was kicking. what purpose is there to jump a second time out of rhythm and kick a leg up that high. secretly he did it on purpose but come on do you really think he will admit it of course not he doesnt want to be suspended. i hate sneaky dirty players like that. he saw where he was kicking and gave a follow through. nobody kicks that high even when shooting a 3. they say he kicks when he shoots i’ve read. but i’ve watched a lot of warriors basketball and seen that Green never kicks like that when he shoots. 2nd game in a row he hits Adams private area. Everyone knows how he operates and Iguodala flails and flops at picks and minor contact like hes always hitting a cement wall. cocky floppers and dirty players. suspend that dirty tar

      • Lady Mookie

        Dirty tar? Excuse me what part of the red neck racist part of the south are you from? 1) You haven’t watched shit about Draymond Green because if you did you would know he kicks his leg up like that 2) Making racist statements makes your whole argument invalid and pointless to me 3) WARRIORS 4) Not ONLY did he give Adams a nut check he is on his way to a SECOND ring 5)WARRRRIIIOORRRSSSSS 6) GO DRAYMOND GO DRAYMOND 7) Adams have plenty of time to ice his baby nuts (probably like yours) while he watch the finals from the comfort of his rock or whatever the hell he is and help the swelling go down 8) You are a racist piece of shit who probably have a Trump bumper sticker proudly displayed on your car. Go to hell