NBA Rumors: Dwyane Wade returns to Miami in 2017? Bulls’ ‘Three Alphas’ expected to struggle next season

NBA Rumors: Dwyane Wade returns to Miami in 2017? Bulls’ ‘Three Alphas’ expected to struggle next season

The departure of Dwyane Wade in Miami Heat was one of the most dramatic scenes this offseason. Now that he will be playing for his hometown, there are still some people, including former teammate Udonis Haslem, who believe that Wade could possibly return in Miami next summer.

The 2016 NBA free agency marked the end of the relationship of Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat. It was a surprise for every NBA fans since Wade was expected to end his basketball career as a Heat. However, after the Heat lowballed the 13-year NBA veteran, Wade made up his mind to join the Chicago Bulls.

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Dwyane Wade signed a two-year deal worth $47.5 million with a player option in 2017. This opens the possibility of Wade becoming a free agent again next summer. Wade’s former teammate, Udonis Haslem, stays optimistic that he and his friend could be reunited.

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“I’m going to damn sure try,” Haslem said. “I mean, I don’t know. I guess I’ve got to wait until next summer to see how that goes. But, I never give up without a fight. So there’s ain’t no time to start now.”

Haslem clarified that he will be waiting for Wade to come back to Miami and not him going to another team.

“I didn’t say that,” Haslem said. “I was thinking more him of him coming here. I never said that. I won’t ever say that. When I said play with him again, I never said leave.

“He’s trying to sell his house down here. I might just buy it and hold it for him.”

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In his departure, Dwyane Wade revealed that it was his long time dream to play for his hometown, Chicago Bulls. However, it remains questionable on how he can team up with superstars like Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo. As of now, the Bulls will be testing how their ‘Three Alphas’ could find the right chemistry next season.

If the Chicago Bulls struggle next season, there is a possibility that Dwyane Wade will exercise his player option and become a free agent next summer.

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  • Afi Keita James

    Golden state Warriors will destroy the bulls

    • Mason Wright

      Golden state warriors got destroyed in game 7 by cavs
      And u thought they were gonna win ha ha nobody can beat he 95-96 bulls nigga

      • crygdyllyn

        No need to use racist language.

      • Parker Brooks

        The Warriors lost by 4 points.

      • Afi Keita James

        Not this time,

    • crygdyllyn

      With Durant + Curry + Klay. the Warriors should destroy everybody.
      I will be shocked if they have any difficulty in winning a championship.

      • IamLAKERSFAN

        The word “EVEYBODY” is too much.. Though they got Durant, they lost impt. players like bogut, speights and barnes,,

      • Parker Brooks

        Don’t forget Green, the best defender and passer on the team.

      • Afi Keita James

        D wade made a bad move.

  • Joshua S

    I’d love for the Bulls to do well, but I don’t see that happening this season. Their roster, while decent, is plagued by questions of age, health, chemistry, and inexperienced youth simultaneously, an odd patchwork quilt.


    I dont see the Bulls doing well with Rondo, Wade and Butler on the court.. anyway its for them to prove it next season..

  • Billy Gunn

    Lakers will rule NBA again! Just wait and watch idiots! haha! 😀

    • X-Pac

      LOL. Lakers won’t win a title

      P.S. I did not know Mr. Ass is a Lakers fan.

  • Hoshiko

    Dwyane Wade will return to Miami to retire LOL

  • hellodarknessmyoldfriend

    Miami Heat screwed him over, there’s no way he’s coming back.

  • Villain

    Not happening dude. bad blood.

  • Pelez121816

    The Bulls will be the worst this season with three strong personalities trying to outwit one another instead of leading their team to beat other teams…They will suck this season that’s for sure