NBA Rumors: Harrison Barnes looks forward to playing for Mavericks, frustrated that Warriors wanted to ditch over the years?

NBA Rumors: Harrison Barnes looks forward to playing for Mavericks, frustrated that Warriors wanted to ditch over the years?

Harrison Barnes is moving forward with his life as he signed with the Dallas Mavericks but rumors are swirling that he still has ill feelings towards the Golden State Warriors for including him on the trading block over the years.

Barnes, who was a first-round draft pick by the Warriors during the 2012 NBA Draft, stated that he got frustrated by the fact that the Stephen Curry team would want to trade him for Dwight Howard and Kevin Love, respectively, in the past. He knew that the Warriors this summer would pursue Kevin Durant and that was his cue to jump to free agency and sign with the Mavericks.

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“Dwight trade rumors. Kevin Love trade rumors. Kevin Durant … oh, that one happened,” said Barnes. “There’s been a few instances where you consider what might happen. I was just more so glad to be there as long as I was.”

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Barnes noted that this summer has been a “chaotic” one but after the smoke has cleared, he is ready to show his wares with the Mavericks. When Barnes signed a maximum deal with the Mavericks worth $94.4 million, expectations run high as they anticipate him to exceed his performance when he was with the Warriors. He has been averaging 11.7 points, 1,8 assists and 4.9 rebounds a game, though his performance in the recent Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers was ineffective as he only averages 9.4 points, 1.4 assists, and 5.0 rebounds.

Shifting with the Mavericks, Barnes is expected to rebuild his career and that he would be a great addition to the team that is also hoping to get back into contender mode by next season. But before he does suit and team up with Dirk Nowitzki, Barnes has one more duty to fulfill and that is to represent the United State in the coming Rio Olympics. He will join former teammates Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to capture another gold medal in the Olympics.

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The expectation for Barnes to help the Mavericks get back into contention is a tall order as he has been given a hefty pay hike that would make him the future face of the franchise. But for Barnes, it will just be another day in the office as he will just prove his worth and help his team win with his four-year experience.

Barnes may not have exited with the Warriors with a bang, but he is hoping to bring that scoring, rebounding and defensive attitude with the Mavericks. Expectations are high for Barnes next season and he is ready to accept that responsibility and prove his worth.

Photo Courtesy: Matthew Addie/Flickr