NBA Rumors: Hassan Whiteside will be part of the Los Angeles Lakers roster next season

NBA Rumors: Hassan Whiteside will be part of the Los Angeles Lakers roster next season

NBA rumors are now circulating that the Miami Heat  are reportedly in a tough situation in the upcoming offseason, especially with soon-to-be free agent Hassan Whiteside.

Hassan Whiteside will become a free agent in the offseason and he is expected to demand a maximum salary. The Heat can give him a max contract but they need to possibly sacrifice three other Heat players who will also become a free agent, including Dwayne Wade, Luol Deng and Joe Johnson.

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The decision will be very tough for the Miami Heat if one or two free agents will be demanding a max contract. However, if Whiteside will agree with less than the max contract, the problem will be lessened for the Heat.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

“There will be considerable debate inside the Heat over the next six weeks about how much to offer Hassan Whiteside when free agency begins July 1. The Heat values him but someone who has spoken to the team’s front office said he believes the Heat will try to convince him to take something less than the max deal he almost assuredly could get elsewhere.”

It is undeniable that Whiteside has the right to demand a max contract. However, if he will be thinking about his future in the league, it will be best for him to re-sign with the Heat having less salary in the succeeding seasons.

If Whiteside insists a max contract, it will be a big problem for the Miami Heat since they could be losing two big men this summer. According to a previous report, Chris Bosh is still questionable in returning to the court because of this mysterious condition. Bosh had missed most of the regular season and playoffs due to recurrence of the blood clot.

Hassan Whiteside will surely be getting lots of suitors once he enters the free agency market. NBA teams, who are currently undergoing a rebuilding process, are ready to throw tons of money to get the service of one of the most promising centers in the league.

One of the teams who are showing strong pursuit with Whiteside are the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers can give a maximum salary once Whiteside decided to sign with the Lakers since they have enough salary cap to sign two maximum-salaried players. If they succeed to sign Whiteside, they can still grab another superstar free agent like Kevin Durant.

If the Lakers plan goes well, they will be having a roster consisting of their three young cores, D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle, and two promising stars who have had respectable numbers in the regular season.

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    Is it amateur writer Tuesday? I hope whoever wrote and/or edited this article got fired. The number of grammatical errors is appalling and I can’t believe someone would pay another human being to write like this. I understand it’s Sportsrageous and don’t expect an extraordinary literary piece, but come on man!

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    Money talks became a problem with this new generations of NBA players.. however if Whiteside will go to the Lakers thats great news!hahaha

  • Robert

    Whiteside signs with the Lakers because there is young nucleus of players and this team will be a very good team sooner than later. The Heat are a team with many old veterans with physical problems and taking into account over time; I believe the Lakers are the better fit. Wade, Bosh and Deng Luol have injuries and where will their NBA careers be in 2-3 years. However, the Lakers have an excellent opportunity to be very good. The Heat have deficiencies that present major problems. Wade & Bosh are not the same players they were when they won two championships. Joe Johnson does not provide the offensive game he had in New Jersey. Miami needs a lot of good players to transition from the Wade, Bosh and Luol. Winslow, Dragic and Johnson are the representatives for the new Heat but a lot more has to be added.