NBA Rumors: Heat place Goran Dragic on trade following Chris Bosh pending medical retirement?

Heat place Goran Dragic on trade following Chris Bosh pending medical retirement?

The Miami Heat is looking at cashing in on two scenarios to give them enough cap space in contention in next year’s free agency market. They could buy out Chris Bosh’s contract following his failed medical exams and by putting Goran Dragic on a trade.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that plans for Bosh to play this coming season remain uncertain. This was after doctors found more blood clotting in his lungs that would complicate things if he would be given the green light to take part in the team’s training.

The complications said to involve past episodes of blood clotting to his lungs that sidelined him in the last All-Star break. The complications are not life threatening, but for Bosh to play his 13th season in the NBA remains uncertain.

The Heat still owes Bosh a total of $76 million over the next three years of his five-year $118.7 million contract. Thus, with the recent situation the Heat would be able to save as much money if Bosh would be forced to retire due to his medical condition. But for the Heat to stay clear of paying Bosh’s cap hit they have to abide by a guideline set forth by the collective bargaining agreement.

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In the agreement, both the league and the players’ association can jointly select an independent doctor, who would look into the player’s condition. Once the doctor determines that a player’s condition is a “career-ending, or severe enough to put him at risk if he continues playing.” If the cap relief gets granted, that would leave the Heat with an extra $42 million in the salary cap for next summer.

However, if Bosh will be able to prove the doctor’s examination otherwise, he would be able to play but not with the Heat. But if he plays for another team and plays for 25 games then his salary cap of $25.3 million (2017-18) and $26.8 million (2018-19) would go back on the Heat’s cap.

But the Heat plan to cash on does not stop with Bosh alone, there as they also would plan to put Dragic in a trade. The Heat would not want Dragic to run things for the team and would rather gamble in getting another superstar that would fit their system. Thus, the Heat could put him on a trade and free them of his $85 million deal as well.

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According to the Palm Beach Post, Dragic claimed that he and Hassan Whiteside had developed chemistry after the All-Star break. The chemistry would be their lethal combination coming into the new season. But the Heat’s front office does not seem to buy such claim as they are still poised to clear more cap space for more power to offer some of the league’s big names to play for them next season.

It will be a busy season for the Heat as they continue to assess Bosh’s situation exhausting all possible means to get him to play or otherwise. If the verdict does not go Bosh’s way it could also lead for the Heat to cut Dragic. He has to convince the Heat organization that he is the future of the team or he could see himself playing for another team in a blink of an eye.

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