NBA Rumors: Heat still not convinced that Chris Bosh is ‘ready’ for training camp?

NBA Rumors: Heat still not convinced that Chris Bosh is ‘ready’ for training camp?

Chris Bosh is going around telling everyone he is ready for the Miami Heat training camp and ready to play despite his medical history. Rumors are swirling that the Heat is still not convinced that Bosh is ready to play and will still rely on medical reports before deciding on the matter.

Bosh tried to convince the Heat that he is okay to play despite taking in a new blood thinner that would be flushed out of his system in eight hours or so. However, the Heat is taking precautionary measures to make sure that Bosh’s health would not be in jeopardy especially with back-to-back game schedules.

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But Bosh insists that he is in great shape telling a podcast that he is ready to play. He even stressed that he has released a statement back in May that he has worked with doctors on his condition. Bosh noted that he has been in Los Angeles several weeks working out, getting in shape when the season starts.

“I am in incredible shape, at least decent enough. I look good when I take my shirt off. Especially with [Heat owner] Micky Arison saying, ‘see you at camp.’ I think it’s moving forward. I have no reason to believe that it’s not. And we’ll finish this,” Bosh said.

Bosh narrated that NHL player Tomas Fleischmann helped them reach out to the doctor who medically cleared him to play again. The 13-year veteran told the Miami Herald that Fleischmann got injected with an anticoagulant that would be out of his system by the next game. This is the argument that Bosh is using as he and his wife have consulted the same doctor for treatment of his health condition.

Bosh believes that the same treatment would bring him back on the playing court. But the Heat has been quiet in approaching the situation. They insisted that it is extremely dangerous to play on blood thinners because any sort of trauma could lead to uncontrolled bleeding and could potentially lead to death.

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Many rumors also insisted that the Heat is mainly using the issue to put Bosh on the trading block since they still owe him $23.7 million this year. The rumors are insinuating that the Heat would want to get his paycheck off their books to have more cap going into a midseason trade. But the Heat dismisses the rumors and stated that Bosh would be a great help once he comes back to active duty since the team lost Dwyane Wade to free agency.

Bosh wants to play and help his team this season and he found ways for him to get the doctor’s approval. However, the Heat will still have the last say on the matter, and they hope that when they get to a decision that it would not backfire on them.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr