NBA Rumors: Indiana Pacers targeting Jeremy Lin if they failed to get Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls

NBA Rumors: Indiana Pacers targeting Jeremy Lin if they failed to get Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Indiana Pacers who are reportedly targeting Jeremy Lin if they failed to get Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls via trade.

After the Indiana Pacers failed to enter the second round of the playoffs, they are now undergoing a rebuilding process to set up a better team next season. The process started when Pacers’ president Larry Bird decided not to renew coach Frank Vogel’s contract and look for a new head coach that can execute his preferred system for the team. Bird wants a ‘small ball’ offensive strategy and he thinks that Nate Millan is the right person for the vacant position.

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With this, the Pacers are now looking for a legitimate point guard in order for the system to be more effective. According to Hoops Rumors, Bird and company will be trying to explore the trading block to acquire Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls. This involves George Hill and 2016 NBA draft pick to acquire the Bulls’ point guard. However, it is not practical to pursue the deal since they will be needing to overpay him for one season before his contract runs out. Also, their offer might not be enough for the Bulls to agree with the deal.

Another option for the Pacers is to explore the free agency market. Though there are limited numbers of point guards, if they are already starting to make their moves, there is a higher possibility that they can get either Jeremy Lin or Mike Conley.

Jeremy Lin has been the center of rumors after his outstanding performance with the Charlotte Hornets. However, the minutes given to him by coach Steve Clifford were not enough to unleash his full potential. Coach Nate Millan can bring the most out of him if they succeed in getting him in free agency.

Jeremy Lin can be a good fit with Pacers’ fast-paced offense and can be a good tandem with Paul George. However, when he enters the free agency market, there will surely be many teams that will be lining up to get his service. The Pacers should give Lin the best reason, why he should sign and play for them in the next season.

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  • waky wake

    Why does this ridiculous nonsense keep popping up? There are just too many variables in favor of the Nets securing Jeremy Lin, for any other speculations to be taken seriously. If Jeremy Lin and his agent are considering him leaving Charlotte [WHICH THEY ARE], there is only one destination for him and that’s the Brooklyn Nets and here are ten reasons why.

    1} Cap space of interested teams.
    2} Head coach.
    3} Team formulation and growth potential.
    4} Starting point guard position availability.
    5} Willingness of Front Office to commit to him as the team’s starting PG, thereby tabling an offer that satisfies his desire to start and financial requirements, without breaking the bank, so as to have cap space left over for other position needs.
    6} Possible fan base acceptance and the financial and team-support need for ownership to fill the home arena seats.
    7} Head coach’s style-of-play direction.
    8} Available players with true and proven PG skills in the 2016 free agency and draft markets.
    9} Potential locker room acceptance of him as a teammate and leader.
    10} And last, but certainly not least, team need for a high character and morals type player, with an instinctive facet of wanting to share the ball/shots and defensive responsibilities.

    There, there’s ten irrefutable reasons why there is a %99.9 percent chance the Brooklyn Nets will sign Jeremy Lin as their starting PG this offseason.

    • Alan

      Nice to have an expert give his OPINION.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Brooklyn Nets got few big players like Lopez which will be high compatible to Lin PnR awesome play. Imagine Lopez plays with Lin, Lin will feed the ball to Lopez to slam dunk all night long. Don’t underestimate Lin, with the right players (no need elite level at all) he will make the team winning alot of games and get into playoff too. This guy knows what it takes to get winning game and all he wants is a coach trusts him and favor fast pace playing style. With the right team, he will demonish any elite teams. He has proven at Hornets on last season. He is not a superstar player; but when he is hot, he plays like a superstar player. I think the Net will get him and for sure Lin also like it too. I think they will give him at least $10m per year. That is way cheaper than getting Conley or Rondo because these two players want max contract. Rondo is good player; but his attitude still scare alot of people and he wanted max contract, man no way he is going to get that kind of money. Conley no doubt is a good player; but with max contract for sure the Net will stay away for sure and they rather get Lin for half price and Conley is a little better than Lin a little bit that is it. Conley player level is way below comparing to Damian Lillard and WEst Brook.

    • Ray B

      it’s always great to have options.

  • Arielle

    and once again contradicting something that isn’t accurate why would they even take jeremy if he hasn’t shown any interest

  • MangDoIphy

    If I were Lin, I would feel bad being a second choice to Rose.

    • Alan

      I would be offended also. I would take Lin over Rose any day of he week. But keep in mind that these articles are only supposed rumors. Personally i think the writers make this stuff up to get people to read there articles..

    • Ray B

      nope. not once Lin starts and plays and wins.