NBA Rumors: J.R. Smith envious of Jeremy Lin, Timofey Mozgov; delays Cavs contract?

NBA Rumors: J.R. Smith envious of Jeremy Lin, Timofey Mozgov; delays Cavs contract?

J.R. Smith would be hard-pressed to find reasons not to play for the Cleveland, except for the monetary kind. He’s finally won his first NBA championship after 12 years in the league and what better feeling is out there than knowing he’s important to LeBron James & the best team in the world?

The Cavaliers need J.R. Smith in the team to defend their title, especially with the rival Golden State Warriors transitioning into a super-team with Kevin Durant. They needed him to follow through with his chemistry with LeBron James last season by spreading the defense as a solid 3-point threat.

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The presence of J.R. Smith in the team means LeBron James would have more leeway offensively with defenders unable to give so much space for Smith to shoot behind the arc where he’s shot 40% last season.

Smith has averaged 12.4 points & 2.8 rebounds per game, but more importantly, he was able to develop his defensive skills, and there’s no doubt that the defense played a key role on how the Cavaliers beat Stephen Curry and the Warriors.

But how is it that it’s taken much time for the Cleveland Cavaliers management to re-sign Smith?

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The Cavs has offered Smith a $10 million contract, but according to Hoops Habit, he wants something closer to $15 million.

Despite the absence of a signed agreement, it is said that Smith only intends to play with the Cavs but is holding out momentarily for leverage. Is he worth all that money? Should the Cavs start Iman Shumpert instead?

According to a report by Morning News USA, one possibility that J.R. Smith has delayed signing his contract is because he feels he deserves to get paid more, similar to Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin finalized his contract with the Hornets for $38.3 million in 3 years and he wasn’t even a starter. Jeremy Lin’s struggles in the NBA are well documented since he left the New York Knicks.

Does Smith deserve to get paid more than Jeremy Lin?

Other players’ contracts that J.R. Smith seems to want to emulate are Timofey Mozgov (4 yrs) worth $64 million deal with the Lakers & Matthew Dellavedova’s $38.43 million 4-year contracts with the Milwaukee Bucks.

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  • a z

    This is the last time I would read anything from SportsRageous. It is obvious it does not know anything about sports. Jeremy Lin signed with the Nets, not the Hornets. The Nets signed Lin to be the face of the franchise. It is highly regarded that Lin’s $13,000,000 per year contract was a bargain for the Nets. Tyler Johnson would be better example, but you would have to know something about sports to think of Johnson. SportsRageous knows nothing about sports.

  • Ray B

    Mark F. Villanueva is pretty dopey. Smith is worth 7 million. Take your money and remain “hood rich”. He is only good for spreading the floor. Sucks defensively.

  • LinFan17

    JR Smith was one of the players in NYK jealous of Jeremy Lin during Linsanity. JR Smith just want a contract bigger than Jeremy Lin to make himself feel better. JR Smith believes he is more superior than Jeremy Lin, but I do not agree.

  • norah mackenzie

    once again why bring jeremy lin into the conversation? not going to waste my time reading such bs – if he was that great why wasnt jr smith offered his price right from the start ? and dismissing jeremy lin – once again shows their bias – if the nets offered jeremy that price that is their issue cos it is their money. jr smith sd deal with his own issues with the cavs.

  • Have Faith

    Some info’ in the article is incorrect.

    Lin didn’t finalize “his contract with the Hornets for $38.3M in 3 years”. Lin finalized a contract with the Nets, not the Hornets.

    Plus, Lin IS a starter on the Nets.

  • Chillinvegas

    He’s racist against asians! He has a hard time believing he’s not as good a player as one.

  • plansmaker

    JR is always a wanna be…a streaky shooter.
    He is easily replaceable if he choose to hold out.
    Cavs kept him for LeBron. Not because he is indispensable. He never like Lin. Not sure is this out of jealousy or racism on his part.