NBA Rumors: Jae Crowder ‘unhappy’ with the Boston’s plan to upgrade his position; Celtics eyeing to trade him?

NBA Rumors: Jae Crowder ‘unhappy’ with the Boston’s plan to upgrade his position; Celtics eyeing to trade him?

Boston Celtics forward Jae Crowder is reportedly ‘unhappy’ with the team’s decision to upgrade his position. The 26-year-old forward established an impressive season but it seems like it is not enough to bring back the team to title contention.

Jae Crowder spent his first two seasons with the Dallas Mavericks where he only played limited minutes. Luckily, he was traded to the Boston Celtics last year where his career took off. Crowder averaged 14.2 points, 5.1 rebounds and shot 34 percent in the three-point range.

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However, it seems like the Boston Celtics are looking for more than what could Jae Crowder can offer. CSN New England revealed the five players that the Celtics are targeting before the start of the offseason. Theses include Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Gordon Hayward, Danilo Gallinari, and Rudy Gay. Four of them play the small forward position.

After hearing the news, Jae Crowder expressed his disappointment on Twitter. The 26-year-old small forward does not like the idea of the Boston Celtics to upgrade his position. Crowder has been included in different trade rumors involving Kevin Love, Jimmy Butler, and Blake Griffin.

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The Boston Celtics successfully acquired Al Horford in the recent free agency. However, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge revealed that they are not done yet in upgrading their roster. Jae Crowder is a top-level defender. However, the Celtics need an impact player on the offensive end, especially a threat in the three-point range.

The acquisition of Jaylen Brown, who also plays the small forward position, may raise the possibility of the inclusion of Jae Crowder on the trading block. The Boston Celtics have been aggressive in the past few days where they were seen in California to meet some players.

Among the Celtics’ players, it seems like Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford are the only players who are safe from being traded.

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  • zb

    Wow. I usually let BS articles like this slide, but had to comment on this flaming pile of garbage.
    1. Those are not FA targets for Boston, those are SUGGESTIONS by a writer who has NO POSITION in the Celtics organization . Also, they still trying to land KD? lololol
    2. Crowder is not “reportedly unhappy with the organization.” You use quotes as if someone said it, but nowhere in the article does it even suggest an anonymous inside source claimed this. HE TWEETED a bunch of emojis at a dumb article suggesting Rudy Gay or Danilo Gallinari might be an upgrade over Jae. They are not. Sure, Jimmy and Gordon would be nice, but they are not available and Danny would try not to include Crowder in a trade if they were. That’s to say nothing of how much better Crowder’s contract is than any of these other guys.
    3. I like Jaylen Brown but he has nothing to do with Jae. He’s going to play 15mpg next year at most and shoot 25% from the floor. He will not take Jae’s spot in any sense.

    Got to say though, my favorite part is when you suggest Crowder’s level of play is the reason we didn’t contend for a title ….. I am going to have to report this sorrrry