NBA Rumors: Jason Terry set for a reunion with Celtics after being cut by Rockets?

NBA Rumors: Jason Terry set for a reunion with Celtics after being cut by Rockets?

At age 38, Jason Terry is still a player with no team after the Houston Rockets officially cut him off and rumors are swirling that a reunion with the Boston Celtics could be the best thing for him as he could lead a young talented roster.

Terry noted that he was informed of the Rockets’ decision Wednesday after playing two seasons with them. He was traded to the Rockets from the Sacramento Kings in 2014. Terry would then sign a one-year $1.5 million contract last season before jumping into free agency.

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After the Celtics miss out on the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, Isaiah Thomas suggested that going after a veteran like Terry would best for the team. The Celtics are very much crowded with youngsters and they are looking at Thomas and Al Horford to lead them. Taking in Terry could possibly help their bench roster to gain experience as they would perfectly learn from him as well.

Terry is now in the twilight of his NBA career and though he plans to play two more seasons before calling it quits. Playing for the Celtics could be good for both parties since Terry is no stranger to the Celtic Nation as well.

“Not retiring at all. Just looking for another opportunity to get back on a contender. But if that opportunity doesn’t present itself, still being able to go in and have an impact in the locker room on the younger players and provide quality minutes off the bench. My body feels great. My mind is still sharp,” Terry said.

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Aside from the Celtics, Terry is also contemplating on moving back to Dallas and play for the Mavericks again. But talks have yet to take place for things to happen. Terry noted that if the situation presents itself, then he would take the opportunity to play for either team.

Many may say Terry is old for the Celtics, but having a veteran shooter at their expense might prove to be the right thing to do. He could guide the team’s young point guards a thing or two to keep their team to contend with other teams. Terry believes he can be a contributor rather than a liability to a team like the Celtics.

Photo Courtesy: Gennaro Masi/Flickr