NBA Rumors: Jeff Hornacek wants Knicks to focus on Rajon Rondo, Mike Conley and Jeremy Lin this summer?

NBA Rumors: Jeff Hornacek wants Knicks to focus on Rajon Rondo, Mike Conley and Jeremy Lin this summer?

It seems like New York Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek is getting rid of the triangle offense as he calls on the management to take a look at point guards who are in the free agency market and rumors are swirling that he is eyeing Rajon Rondo, Mike Conley and Jeremy Lin this summer.

Hornacek noted that it’s too early for the Knicks to talk about free agency at this stage but added that they need to assess their backcourt and thinks that a point guard who is young and with vast experience could do the job. He told SportsNet New York, Friday that Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon are doing an excellent job in the backcourt but he honestly thinks that it’s time to upgrade.

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“I think the backcourt probably needs a little bit of work. You have a young point guard Jerian [Grant] and an older point guard in Jose [Calderon]. We talked about if we can get a little bit older, maybe a 28-year-old guy that’s got maybe some more juice to push the ball down the court. Jose does a nice job of throwing it ahead. But if someone can break guys down and Jerian might get to that point in another year or two and he’s working on the game,” Hornacek said.

Hornacek added that the Knicks are also looking to land a max deal with a player from the free agency further fueling speculations that the Knicks could be setting a cap space in order to negotiate with top free agents such as Kevin Durant, Nicolas Batum, Joakim Noah, DeMar DeRozan and Bismak Biyombo. But Hornacek is also pumped to negotiate with Rondo, Conley and Lin whom he thinks could spread out their offense as he is known for setting pick-and-rolls and set up plays.

“Oh, absolutely,” Hornacek said of the chances of adding a max player in free agency. “I think they’ve always had that mentality. From the outside of the Knicks organization is always a team that they want to get the best team possible. They are willing to spend the money and we want to try to bring a championship to New York. They’re going to try. Obviously, there’s a lot of players out there that we’d love to have if we can get a chance to at least talk to them. We have some money so hopefully, we can get a player to fill in for us.”

On the other hand, free agent Jeremy Lin, who is in Taiwan for his Asian Tour, told a local media that he is open to all possibilities. This could spell Linsanity coming back to New York as he talks about just being happy to play the sport he loves and will also depend if he gets a starting position for next season.

“Everyone knows that I’m a free agent. The most important thing for me is that I want to be happy. And of course, it will depend on whether I am a starter and how much playing time I get. I will take all that into consideration,” said Jeremy Lin in Mandarin.

Now that the Knicks have first solved one problem and signed Hornacek as their head coach that brought stability in the sidelines. Now, the Knicks will go all out to take in the pieces they need to solidify their ranks and be back in contention as well.

Photo Courtesy: Brad Barlow/Wikimedia

  • Ray B

    Rondo? The Knicks whole organization is a steaming pile of pestilence.

    • Tom Gardner

      “Steaming pile of pestilence”….I love that. I have been insulting the Knicks’ organization quite a bit of late but you have reached a new height in descriptive splendor….applause!

  • Shumpert 21

    I think we should get demar and then go for rondo or lin rondo gives us the defense but no three and lin gives us threes and shootin but barely defense so either one could be good dependin what we lookin for