NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin expected to play combo guard with acquisitions of Randy Foye, Greivis Vasquez by Brooklyn Nets

NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin expected to play combo guard with acquisitions of Randy Foye, Greivis Vasquez by Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets failed to get their initial targets in 2016 free agency and have to settle with a couple of back-up point guards at this point of the offseason. PG Jeremy Lin was supposed to start alongside the likes of Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe but they were retained by the Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers, respectively.

Earlier this summer, the Nets signed Greivis Vasquez to a $4.3 million deal and on Friday, they finalized another short-term contract with veteran PG Randy Foye to a $2.5 million deal.

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This makes the Nets deep at the point guard position but short in the shooting guard position and could open up playing time for Lin in the backcourt.

Marc Stein of ESPN confirmed the Foye to Nets deal:

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Signing restricted free agents Johnson and Crabbe to offer sheets was unsuccessful for the Nets despite give huge deals to the potential starting guard or forward. The Heat matched the offer sheet for Johnson worth $50 million over four years while the Trail Blazers matched the offer for Crabbe for $75 million for four years.

Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez are expected to be the key featured players next season for the Nets, who want to improve their roster as they don’t own their 2017 first round pick in the next NBA draft. Brooklyn wants to avoid the lottery next season as their pick could go to the Boston Celtics, who acquired the future pick in a previous trade.

What does the Foye, Vasquez signing means for Jeremy Lin and his role for the Nets?

After the Nets made their Lin signing official, new head coach Kenny Atkinson declared the Asian-American guard the starting point guard for the team and said that Lin will have a major role on offense in Brooklyn.

With the acquisition of Foye and Vasquez, it also means that Lin will be playing a lot from the shooting guard position next season. Jeremy Lin is a reliable “combo guard” that can play both guard spots in previous stints with the Charlotte Hornets and Houston Rockets.

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The Nets have Bojan Bogdanovic, Sean Kilpatrick, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Caris LeVert, among others in their wing rotation. Anyone in this group can win the starting SG or SF spot but Jeremy Lin is expected to be in that depth chart for the Nets.

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  • Lin Dunn

    This rumor does not make sense. Lin’s natural position is PG. His HC said he will be the starting PG of the team. Signing 2 combo guards means those 2 are backing up in PG and SG only. Seriously you think Atkinson will start Foye as a PG along with Lin playing SG?

    • Manuel Mejias

      not Foyr but greivis vasquez could be a started. The only season he played all game as a starter he led all NBA in assist also he played hard postseason against nets while playing with the raptors. I even remember chris paul sayin that year that greivis is a star then year after he got bad luck and last year an ankle surgery but trust me in good conditions he is a potential starter in a lot of nba teams. have a good day!

      • Lin Dunn

        Then best wishes for Vasquez to start as a SG with Nets then.

  • Johnason Lin

    It doesn’t matter, it’s obvious cuz Kenny been there with Lin before. If Kenny never was the Knicks assistant coach , yeah I’ll be worried , another Rockets + Hornets combo crap..

  • Alan

    I think that was one mans opinion.

  • wokdwok


  • Tuan Nguyen

    The author of this article did not know what the hell he or she was talking about. Read my lip, Jeremy Lin was hired by Nets for $36 / 3 years for a starter PG position with the coach Atkinson that he loved. Why the hell he came here to play for a backup PG or a SG under his beloved coach. He would rather play for Rockets or other good playoff team as a backup PG. He can get a backup PG for at least $12m easily on a good team, not the worst team in NBA which is the Nets. James Crawford, old dude, got $14m/yr for a backup position. All the players that Nets acquired recently are all trash players (old dudes, not enough experience, not enough NBA accomplishment) according to the current market except Jeremy Lin. For the Nets, only Lin and Lopez are the star of NBA right now. The rest are unheard of or on the way down to be expandable from NBA like Luis Scola. Any way, Lin can make all of them better and becoming household names.

  • Dondon Ampalaya

    PG but mos def will shift to SG at times. he delivered in this role with the Hornets.