NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin finally speaks about his decision in the off-season

NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin finally speaks about his decision in the off-season

Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin finally breaks his silence regarding endless NBA rumors who are saying that he will be playing for another team next season.

Based on a previous report, Lin signed a two-year deal worth $4.374 million with the Charlotte Hornets before the start of the 2015-16 season and he has a player option for the 2016-17 season. This means that Lin can explore the free agency market and play for another franchise next season.

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However, according to a report from The Charlotte Observer, the Asian-American guard expressed his desire to re-sign with the Charlotte Hornets this summer.

“I would love to,” Lin said Monday. “I don’t like moving every year, I don’t like packing and unpacking boxes. So we’ll see. But I’m definitely interested in coming back.”

Before joining the Charlotte Hornets in the current season, Jeremy Lin played for the New York Knicks, the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. His performance with the Hornets was undeniably much better than when he was with other teams.

Though there were past rumors saying that Lin was not happy with the playing time given to him by coach Steve Clifford, Lin confirmed that he was enjoying playing with his teammates and his coach.

“I definitely want to play with these guys and this coach,” Lin said, referring to Steve Clifford. “When you bounce around a lot the way I have, seeing a lot of organizations, there’s a lot about this one that I can appreciate in terms of my experience, that maybe I didn’t have in other situations.

“From the (preseason) China trip we knew this team really got along. I kind of expected there’d be bumps and bruises along the way as far as guys getting along with each other, but really there wasn’t. I’ve never seen a group of guys at the professional level (where) all the guys 1 through 15 got along together. It wasn’t uncommon for all 15 of us to do something together.”

“That’s really, really rare.”

The Hornets guard also cleared the fact that he is very much willing to re-sign with the team regardless of how much he will be paid, adding that money was never been the most important thing to him. Signing for only more than $2 million per season can explain how much Lin wanted to play for a team where he can excel and unleash his full potential.

With this, it can be concluded that Jeremy Lin will be playing for the Charlotte Hornets next season.

Photo courtesy: jlin7/Instagram

  • 33Sambuang

    I’m a Lin’s fan but if he cannot assert his rights, I suggest that he be a full time Pastor.

    • plansmaker

      I am sure Lin is covering all the bases for free agency 2016.
      Having fun is for high school basketball. NBA is all about maximize your contract and win now mentality.

  • Prof

    “With this, it can be concluded that Jeremy Lin will be playing for the Charlotte Hornets next season.”

    This author does not have a clue. All he did was googling what JLin said, put them together and jumped into this conclusion. If “entrusted to spread news in sports world” is so easy, I can do that too googling too. Yes, I google JLin for his latest news, and you successfully tricked me into reading this very shallow article and contribute one hit to it.

    Jeykesy, if you follow JLin for all his career like most of us do, you will know JLin is such a great person who says all the right things. You missed the most important message posted on JLIN’s FB recently. Go read it.

  • Paulsoc Cer

    People write strange things. Everybody who is following Jeremy Lin knows that he will not return to Charlotte given the present circumstances.