NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin to re-sign if Hornets free up cap space via trade?

NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin to re-sign if Hornets free up cap space via trade?

The Charlotte Hornets have some very difficult decisions to make this offseason including re-signing backup guard Jeremy Lin to a new deal. According to the latest rumors, the Hornets could make a trade to free up cap space to be able to sign Lin.

As mentioned in a previous report, Charlotte’s top priority this offseason is re-signing Nicolas Batum and then worry about other free agents such as Lin, Al Jefferson, Marvin Williams and Courtney Lee. The Hornets had a great second half of the season and they were just a win away from making it to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

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Michael Jordan’s team will have roughly $39 million in cap space but Batum will likely receive a max contract. Lin, Lee and Williams are expecting a raise following a great season while Jefferson will probably receive a smaller deal due to his age and decline in production.

According to Adam Greer of Swarm and Sting, the Hornets could trade someone like Jeremy Lamb to create more cap space. Lamb will have $7 million salary next season as part of the three-year, $21 million deal he signed last November.

The 24-year-old posted career highs across the board but he faded towards the end of the season after a very hot start. He played sporadic minutes and in garbage minutes after struggling at the start of 2016.

A $7 million salary for a player like Lamb is not absurd considering the cap salary spike next season but it may be better used on re-signing Williams and Lin. The Hornets have a player like Troy Daniels that can take up the role of Lamb on a cheaper contract.

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Williams is a good small ball power forward who can rebound, defend and shoot threes. On the other hand, Lin proved that he found his perfect role with the Hornets following a seventh place finish in the Sixth Man of the Year voting.

The 27-year-old Asian-American guard has expressed his interest in taking a pay cut just to stay in Charlotte. Nonetheless, Lin will be a hot commodity when free agency starts on July 1.

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  • N.P.A

    Better for Lin to sign with other teams than to play second fiddle to a borderline all star like Kemba and a forgettable team like the Hornets. If Lin is not offered a starting position he should at least play back up to a legitimate guard superstar.

    • Casual Observer

      completely agree with you!

    • Tuan Nguyen

      I completely agreed with you. Lin will be a hot player on upcoming Free Agency. I believe it will be dump to continue to accept a new contract to play as a backup PG for Hornets again. Look at Lamb, he was hot at the beginning season; but soft at the second haft of previous season; then he was put in the dog house; but hey he got $7m paycheck per year….hihihi that is worth it. When you get potential to unleash the winning game for your team, you need to be a starter. A backup will not help you completely on doing that because of less time of playing.

  • Lance501

    I think it was a mistake for Hornets to place Batum, Lee, Williams, Jefferson on higher priority than Lin. He is certainly worth a lot more than the above mentioned. Lin could rotate with Kimba and earn more respect if they pay him enough money, say $8 M.

    • Alan

      The article did not say that Batum, Lee, Williams and Jefferson were a higher priority than Lin, It said that “Charlotte’s top priority this offseason is re-signing Nicolas Batum and
      then worry about other free agents such as Lin, Al Jefferson, Marvin
      Williams and Courtney Lee.”

      • Casual Observer

        The GM Cho did say right after their end of the season that Batum is their No.1 priority, which I don’t disagree. I am just not sure if Batum is a max player.

        • Tuan Nguyen

          I agreed with you too how in the world Batum will get max contract from Hornets. A little Kid would know that Batum was not an impact player for Hornets during the playoff; but Lin was. If Batum is not injury, he is a good player but not a superstar or elite at all. His dribbling was like a D League player at the beginning of last season. It was very terrible to watch because the opponents stole ball from Batum due to his careless dribbling. But I saw that he improved that area later on toward the end of season. During the playoff on game 5, he screwed up the game plan when he checked in because he overtook the ball over Lin to run the offense; but it went really bad. Clifford had to bench him immediately for Lin to run the offense. Clifford can bench Batum not Kemba if they play badly.

        • Alan

          Batum’s versatility helped the team very much, and i believe that he was very instrumental in the Hornets success this year. But i also do not believe he is a max player. If he insists on a max contract it would be a hard decision to make on whether to give it to him or not. It may be hard for them to get a better player to replace him in free agency. But personally i believe i would let him walk and take my chances.

    • FreetheMind

      $8m would be an insulting offer to Lin if they think Batum is a max player. Lin should be paid closer to that if that’s the case. Frankly, Lin can impact the game more than Batum. Lin should only consider Hornets if he will be a starter. Hornets will go nowhere with Batum and Kemba as main pieces.

  • batangsupot

    Know what your worth is and don’t agree to a pay cut.

  • Johnason Lin

    Lin should not waste his prime time being the backup guard, no way is there gonna be minutes for Lin once MKG is healthy. I remember this regular season, Lin averaged 15-18mins when MKG was playing, cuz Batum is inserted to SG instead of SF.

    Only reason Lin played close to 25-28mins is all thanks to MKG injuries. The reason Lin started against the game they won against Cavs was because Walker was injured.

  • thebigb0ss

    The way I look at it, view the +/- between Batum and Lin during the 1st round of the playoffs….

    also, feel free to look at the wins this season vs:

    Boston (in boston)

    This will tell you who deserves priority…