NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin, Ryan Anderson to San Antonio, Spurs look to go younger in 2016 free agency

NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin, Ryan Anderson to San Antonio, Spurs look to go younger in 2016 free agency

The San Antonio Spurs lost to West rivals Oklahoma City Thunder in six games in the Western Conference semifinals series to end their season on a disappointing note. NBA rumors will now surround the veteran team as they look to add new and younger pieces in 2016 free agency like Jeremy Lin and Ryan Anderson.

Top free agents like Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan and Al Horford will most likely demand maximum contracts and the Spurs’ budget may not be enough to land them but San Antonio management can still target role players with hopes to replace the aging Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. Duncan and Ginobili will most likely retire after they got exposed in the OKC series while Parker may still be good but could be better in a back-up point guard role.

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Jeremy Lin and Ryan Anderson are role players that will not demand a lucrative contract like Durant, Horford and other top free agents.

Lin has recently stated that he is opting out of the final year of his contract with the Charlotte Hornets. Lin added that he is happy in Charlotte and wants to resign with the team. However, if the Spurs aggressively try to sign him in free agency, the Asian-American guard will have to consider as it is hard to pass up on the opportunity of playing under coaching great Greg Popovich at San Antonio.

Anderson is an unrestricted free agent and free to sign with any other NBA team although he could also stay with the New Orleans Pelicans featuring star big man Anthony Davis. However, at 28 years old he is in his prime and may want to sign with a team that is contending for the title.

The Spurs with Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge as core are still among the top teams in the West and adding the likes of Anderson and Lin will complete a reload of the roster to go younger and still remain a threat in the conference.

With the Spurs’ elimination from the 2016 NBA Playoffs, San Antonio fans can start dealing with NBA rumors that their old guys are done and that the team should start considering going younger. Targeting valued role players like Jeremy Lin and Ryan Anderson should be a good start in their rebuild for the future.

  • waky wake

    The Spurs may have a good shot at getting Ryan Anderson, but I’ve got a very strong feeling that the Brooklyn Nets are not going to fool around this time and are going to try and lock Jeremy Lin up by the end of the 2016 championship series. There are four teams other than the Spurs that I believe will make a concerted effort to get Lin signed and they are; 1}Brooklyn Nets, 2}Chicago Bulls, 3}Dallas Mavericks and 4}Philadelphia 76ers. But I think the Brooklyn Nets org. is the only one that will offer Lin exactly what he wants and it’s not a truck load of money, although that will be part of it. The Nets are going to offer Lin a four year deal, at 8 to 12 million per and most importantly, a commitment to him as the starting PG, at least for a year or two. The 76ers have a number of first round draft picks this year, so it’s a lock that they will pick a high prospect PG, or two. I don’t think the Bulls are going to be able to move Rose, so they will have issues there and Lin is not looking for another one of those situations. And I don’t believe this year’s Maverick starting PG Deron Williams is going to find a better deal for himself, if he opts out and it seems to me Cuban is just not sold on Lin’s abilities and talents. That leaves Brooklyn and with the coach connection, prospective fan-base {they’ve got to start filling those seats yah know} and new and improved FO, I believe that deal is all but done. There are some other intriguing options out there for Jeremy Lin, including returning to Charlotte {not really!!!}, but I really think Brooklyn is going to offer him a contract and situation he won’t be able to refuse and his agent is not going to let him, if he’s worth a damn {his agent I mean}. As strange as it may seem to some, Lin is the domino everyone is waiting to see how it falls.

    • NBA Guest

      You are wrong. Lin will not fail and in fact Lin will be better and better.

      • waky wake

        What are you talking about? I never said Lin would fail. Actually, given the opportunity, I believe he will succeed without question. You must have interpreted something that I wrote wrongly.

      • waky wake

        Oh, I found it. I mis-typed falls and typed fails. It was a type-o. What I meant there is that a lot of folks are watching to see where Lin goes.

    • Ray B

      Lin as a starter for the Hornets averages 18 points 6 assist. As starting point guard with no Anthony, harden, walker 23 points and 8 assist.

  • setrue

    Lin has a strong bond with Dantoni and this is the first opportunity where he can chose to reunite with him in Philly. With an open starting pg postion, leverage for huge contract, and playing in a Dantoni offense, this would be difficult to pass up. Should Pop and contending team Spurs offer the starting pg postion, it would be equally difficult to pass up. Regardless, he finally gets his chance to play to his potential.

    • waky wake

      I am aware of those points setrue, but D’Antoni is as of yet, “NOT” the head coach and it’s not his system they employ in Philly. I do think the pieces they currently have are made for Lin and are young enough to listen and gifted enough to grow with Lin there, if it were to happen. But again keep in mind, the 76ers have multiple first round picks in this year’s draft and a PG is most definitely going to be the first rookie they take. Maybe the second, or third as well. If D’Antoni doesn’t take over the head coach job by the start of preseason and Lin were to sign with them, he might run into a problem with what upper management and the current coach wants. We’ll see.

  • MangDoIphy

    Lin was instrumental in leading Hornets to beating Spurs recently. For sure, Spurs like Lin in their team.

    • waky wake

      Trust me, they don’t stand a ghost of a chance of getting Lin. Parker is not going to the bench and there are at least two teams I believe are going to offer Lin their starting PG job and can/will offer Lin more money/longer term contract.

      • MangDoIphy

        Thanks but what are the two teams that would offer Lin the starting PG job? Is one of them NETS?

        • waky wake

          Sorry for being so late getting back to you MangDoIphy and yes, emphatically yes. The Nets is one team that’s going to offer him the starting PG job. I also believe they will add a clause, guarantying he will not be removed from that starting job for at least a year, maybe two. And it’s clear to me anyway, that that is all the time and opportunity Lin needs to prove he is not only a competent starting point guard, but an impactful one as well.

      • Roger

        I think Lin would actually appreciate being on a team like SA where everyone works together unselfishly.

      • LinFan17

        At the age of Tony Parker, he would like to be a starter with less minutes. This is a good opportunity for Jeremy Lin. The good thing is Spurs always like to keep players for many seasons, Jeremy Lin would like to stay in San Antonio as his home.

  • Ray B

    Lin as a starter for the Hornets averages 18 points 6 assist. As starting point guard with no Anthony, harden, walker 23 points and 8 assist. Right now, Lin is light years better than 15 other point guards in the NBA. There are at least another 5 that he is just better than. Watch the games and look at advance stats and you shall se for yourself. Fact: High usage for Lin equal all star stats and very high winning percentage. All the facts state this. You just have to do a little leg work.

  • wizkid

    Lin is going to the BIG APPLE and wreak havoc on the KNICKS + CARMELLO. NY loves Lin.