NBA Rumors: Spurs to pitch offer for Jeremy Lin and will take closer look at Thon Maker

NBA Rumors: Spurs to pitch offer for Jeremy Lin and will take closer look at Thon Maker

The San Antonio Spurs were stunned by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook’s Oklahoma City Thunder in this season’s playoffs. The Spurs are eyeing to rebuild this summer by adding few potential stars in the upcoming NBA draft and free agency.

The Charlotte Hornets were a surprise package of this NBA as they reached the playoffs and gave the Miami Heat a run for their money in the first round of postseason. Despite posting a stellar performance for Michael Jordan’s team, Lin received second class treatment at Hornets. Isn’t it the right time for the Asian-American point guard to move on?

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“I just want to find a great situation and just be in that situation,” Lin said when asked of his plans for the future also adding, “I don’t like moving. I don’t like moving every year. I don’t like boxes and unpacking boxes and packing boxes.”

“For free agency, I will seek out every opportunity that gives me the greatest chance to be the best player I can be,” revealed Lin. The Harvard graduate added, “I believe I’m just getting started. I have more to give and more to accomplish.”

Lin has recently declined a $2.2 million player option with the Charlotte Hornets to hit the free agency this summer, as reported by Sports Rageous on Wednesday. The flamboyant star wants to weigh every offer that comes his way. Isn’t Spurs a right landing spot for Jeremy Lin?

With Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili set to retire, San Antonio has enough cap space to offer the guard an attractive salary package. Kawhi Leonard led team would provide a cool atmosphere in the locker-room for Linsanity to hone his skills.

Spurs will take closer look at Thon Maker

Draft prospect Thon Maker is in Spurs’ radar. San Antonio will be observing his skill-set closely while the rookie of South Sudanese origin will work out with them next week, according to My San Antonio.

The 19-year-old potential three point shooter is an enigma of the June 23 NBA draft. Maker was brought up in Australia, and then switched over to Louisiana to Virginia to Ontario as a vaunted high school prospect. He declared himself for the NBA draft by skipping college.

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  • 33Sambuang

    We understand that Lin doesn’t want to keep moving every year. But it’s better to move than get rotten in a team that doesn’t treat you well and pay you less than what you deserve.

    • Mr.Borisuri

      True that!

    • yoeddy

      Charlotte treats him well.

      • 33Sambuang

        It shows in his pay.

    • thebigb0ss

      I believe Charlotte and its fan base has treated him quite well, better then Houston I can say for sure. However, I do agree that Clifford and the hornets have been prioritizing kemba and batum, as seen in the playoffs vs Miami, and that was their mistake. Its unfortunate that Clifford didnt see a bigger role for lin, besides a 6th man and a starter by a batum or kemba walker injury.

      Based on the +/- during the Heat playoff series, Lin was by the far the biggest difference maker in terms of (+/-) for charlotte. Hopefully Lin finds himself in a situation where the coach and the organization sees more then just a back up or fill in starter in Lin. He is definitely much more then that.

  • Lance501

    It was LIn’s choice to take the paltry salary in Hornets, but it was a cleaver way to find a team to showcase his talent and to build up his potential for the next free season. Clifford did realize Lin’s contribution but he also said that Lin was a bench player and he used him as such. Hornets also realized that they wouldn’t have enough money to keep Lin because they placed Batum, Lee, Jefferson and other at a higher value.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      They placed Batum, Marv, and Lee above Lin. Al Jefferson is over and rumor he can only get a max of $5m. I guarantee you if Hornets let him go, the best he can get is only $3m. Look at Paul Pierce, $3m is what he got right now, that is PAUL PIERCE. When you are old and gain weigfht alot and slow, good luck to you. Another thing, Al got problem with drug too, smoking weed. Look at Ty Lawson, he is still fast and young but gets a drug and drinking problem, his salary is in the $10m range; but he will be happy for $2 or $3m range.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Rumor that Hornets did offer him a revised contract for $5.6m per year that is more than $2.2m that he got last year; but even $5.6m that is way lower than the potential that he will get from other team like at least $10m. Jeremy Lamb got $7m per year for 3 years contract and Batum is going to get at least near max for his new contract. I watched alot of Hornets games this year and all I can say is $5.6m is a bit insult to him comparing his salary to other Hornets Player. No doubt he was one of key player for Hornets last season. Without this dude on game 3, 4, and 5 and especially critical game 3, Hornets would kiss Miami Heats ass and say good bye; whenever this dude checked into the game, he brought back the team from the dead multiple times. Can you believe it? The whole Miami Heats team complained out loud in the press about stopping him to the paint, especially Hassan White and Dwayne Wade. The problem was he and Kemba went to the paint to cause fouls to the opponents and to get free throws too; that was 3 points total for each game play and they are excellent free throw shooters. That was a great impression that how damage he and Kemba had done to Miami Heats during the playoff.