NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin to sign a multi-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets

NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin to sign a multi-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Asian-American guard Jeremy Lin who is reportedly joining the Brooklyn Nets to reunite with coach Kenny Atkinson.

Jeremy Lin signed a two-year deal worth $4.374 million with the Charlotte Hornets before the start of the 2015-16 NBA season and he has a player option for the 2016-17 NBA season. This means that there is a possibility that Lin could explore the free agency market and seek for a new team where he can be maximized and used properly.

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Jeremy Lin’s performance with the Charlotte Hornets was undeniably better than when he was with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he felt like the minutes given to him by Hornets coach Steve Clifford were not enough to unleash his full potential where he only served as a substitute for either Kemba Walker or Courtney Lee.

Justin Lambregtse of SB Nation believes that a four-year deal worth $56 million would be enough to make a team acquire Lin. Lin has shown a solid performance in the 2015-16 season and this can be the reason for him to attract lots of NBA teams who are desperately looking for a quality point guard.

With five free agents on the line, the Charlotte Hornets are reportedly least interested in Jeremy Lin to re-sign for the team. This may lead Lin to conclude his decision and look for a new team next season. There are speculations that he will be reuniting with coach Kenny Atkinson with the Brooklyn Nets. This could be the best opportunity for Lin to be part of the team with a coach that knows him very well.

Kenny Atkinson was credited for the emergence of ‘Linsanity’ where Jeremy Lin started from being a backup player to becoming one of the starters for the New York Knicks in 2012. He was also considered one of the main reason for Lin’s success in his basketball career.

Jeremy Lin’s performance will surely be better if he goes on to play under coach Kenny Atkinson. He will be a good combination with Brooklyn Nets big men Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young since he used to be a past-first point guard. Lin is one of the free agents who is expected to gain lots of suitors when he enters the free agency market. The Brooklyn Nets should make their moves in order to acquire the Asian-American guard for their team.

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  • fturla

    Jeremy Lin wants to start games and to be able to play over 30 minutes per game. I don’t see any NBA team bid on his services until most of them whiff on the bidding for the top players such as Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside, DeMar DeRozan, Al Horford, etc. Most of these top picks will remain on the team they are on now so the bidding may become intense the second week of the free agent market. As the losing bidders have roster openings to fill, the longer the time lasts for available players, remaining viable candidates will dwindle. We will see if desperation will make the prices for players like Jeremy Lin exceed 10 million per year. Those that laughed at 20 million plus bids won’t be laughing if it actually happens. I see the variance for bidding for Jeremy Lin as low as two years with a player option for the second year at 10 million where he enters the free agency market again, to as high as 60 plus million for four years with a player option the last year. He will get high bids especially if the top players in the league get 30 million dollar bids and point guards getting at least 15 million per year bids. You have to understand that even if all the top stars in the league move around then the former teams now have huge gaps on their rosters and will be desperate to fill those spots.

  • waky wake

    While I agree with the previous post from fturla on most teams waiting on offers to Lin until they lose out on Durant, Conley, etc, I don’t believe Brooklyn is going to wait. First off, I don’t believe it will take $56 million for the Nets to seal the deal with Lin. Seems to me a 4 year offer at $10 to $12 mil per will do it, as long as they include some kind of one or two year guaranteed PG starter clause in the contract. And this coming from a team-play style {Lin} fan. Them being $40+ million under the current salary cap, they can offer Lin $12 million per and still be close to $30 million under the cap, for a max deal. Lin has already publically stated that it’s not all about the money for him, but the Nets know they still have to be respectful with their offer. All that would be left to do, would be for them to offer the right position and situation, to pry Lin away from Charlotte, cause I don’t believe there’s another interested team out there that will make such a position guarantee to Lin, cause I doubt there’s not another team out there that’s as cornered as the Nets are right now. Never the less, such a move would be a win for Lopez and Young, the Nets in general and obviously Jeremy Lin as well.

  • AkoyPekpekLover

    Those guys should be reminded that money is not Lin’s primary consideration.