NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin top free agent target for Brooklyn? Nets reportedly make point guard position their priority

NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin top free agent target for Brooklyn? Nets reportedly make point guard position their priority

The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly making their acquisition of a starting point guard the top priority this 2016 offseason. Among the names mentioned and linked in the NBA rumors involving the New York franchise are Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies, Jeremy Lin of the Charlotte Hornets, Brandon Jennings of the Orlando Magic and Rajon Rondo of the Sacramento Kings.

All four players mentioned will hit free agency this season and could be searching for new teams. Among the four, Jeremy Lin actually has a player option to stay with the Hornets next season but the Asian-American guard already announced that he is opting out of the contract and will explore free agency.

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Conley, Jennings and Rondo are unrestricted free agents, which means they can sign with any other NBA team and their previous team has no choice but to let them go. The same situation will be valid to Jeremy Lin if he officially opts out of the contract.

According to the New York Post, Conley’s chances of leaving Memphis could be higher after they fired long-time coach Dave Joerger earlier in the week. It also claims that the Nets showed interest in Jennings back in the February trade deadline but targeting Rondo could be a reach for a Nets squad looking for leadership.

The same report described Nets new coach Kenny Atkinson as the “point guard whisperer” and the mentor has been put in high regard by Lin when the two were with the New York Knicks during “Linsanity”days. NBA rumors after the Hornets were eliminated in the 2016 NBA Playoffs were that Lin would consider a reunion with Atkinson.

Where will Mike Conley, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Lin end up in free agency? More NBA rumors during the offseason as these point guards search for a new or same team to lead for the next NBA season.

  • LinFan17

    Charlotte is a small market, they cannot afford to pay good/reasonable salary to Jeremy Lin. Unless Jeremy Lin can accept an insulted salary. And Hornets already has Walker and he is untouchable. If Jeremy Lin wants to be a starter and more minutes on the floor, he has to take a move. Hornets is not his home for his NBA career.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Well Hornets have money to pay at least $20M for Batum. Some said even 25M. I think they are on dope and even Hornets will pay that amount to Batum, I will say they are on dope too. They are not small market at all. It is just how important you are to them. They already declared that Batum is their #1 Priority that they tried to resign with him. Then the rest are Lin, Al, Marv, and Lee. That Batum guy is injury and turnover prone. He is not a player that makes an impact to the team when he plays. Lin and Kemba are the one.