NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin wanted back by Knicks, Lin not interested?

NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin wanted back by Knicks, Lin not interested?

With the remarkable NBA performance of Jeremy Lin in his previous games, rumors of Lin going back to the New York Knicks has been surfacing. It seems like his recent contribution to Charlotte Hornets leading to the defeat of San Antonio Spurs made a huge impact on his market value, possibly affecting the outcome of his upcoming free agency status.

Lin, who has been displaying a relatively excellent performance in Charlotte Hornets this season as backup point guard, is averaging almost 12 points and 2.9 assists. Though not exactly the same with his 14 points average while he was with the Knicks, Lin is somehow proving to everyone that his time is not yet over, and he may still fully actualize his potential as a point guard who once had a phenomenal explosion in the league leading to the NBA nickname, Linsanity.

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And with his current performance with the Hornets, his name is once again being attached to the Knicks who is in search of a point guard. Nick Borges of ESPN reported about the scenario of Lin going back to the Knicks as part of the team’s point guard upgrade. Borges shared in his report what Jeremy Lin told Ohm Youngmisuk of when asked about the possibility of re-signing with the Knicks.

“I am having a lot of fun where I am at. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. I just don’t want to let free agency affect my focus. I haven’t spoken about it, I am not thinking about it and I just want to ride this one out. This is a special season for me.”

From the answer of Lin, one might carelessly speculate that he is not interested in the possible offer of a re-signing with the Knicks, especially when  ESPN report previously stipulated the lack of interest by the Knicks management to re-sign Jeremy Lin before.

“There was no conversation other than them telling me they weren’t interested,” Lin said to New York Daily News as reported by ESPN.

And with this new rumor suggesting the possibility of New York Knicks wanting Lin back to their roster, it’s hard to say where this rumor would lead us. And whether would Lin consider the idea if such speculation of a re-sign offer would be actualized later on.

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  • khyberjones

    Lin is playing well because Kemba Walker and the starters have been in a funk over the past 5 or 6 games, so he is getting more opportunities. As is typical of Lin’s history, he gets to play his game and make an impact when the team is in a desperate situation, just as happened when the Hornets were down by over 20 points after the 1st qtr vs. San Antonio. Charlotte still hasn’t figured out how to get Lin involved even when the starters are playing relatively well. If they do figure that out, this team can get to the conference finals (provided they don’t face Cleveland in the 2nd round).

    • denzel

      i thought of that as well, but Lin lacks the consistency… if only he could be more consistent he will surely get more time

      • yoeddy

        Lin’s lack of consistency is tied to the lack of consistency of his role.

        • denzel

          reminds me when Melo was still out… guess we would just have to wait for injuries in the Hornets’ nest..Lol

      • Tuan Nguyen

        How the fuck he can be consistent when he was given 10 to 15 minutes to play all kind of position; no wonder they said Lin is a utility player for Hornets. If he is given 30 minutes a night and play as PG, then I guarantee you he will give you a fucking super consistent result.

      • Tuan Nguyen

        Look at the guy Jeremy Lamb, he got 3 years contract because of his shooting consistent; but where is that shooting consistent now. Same shit to Kemba, how come his shooting off for the last 3 games. Hey FUCK YOU man to talk about consistent because you don’t know shit.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      Then you don’t know Lin play much. Why he made a big impact when the team is in a desperate situation because when he rises in a desperate situation, coach Clifford allows him to do whatever he wants for win. When Kemba is hot, he is handcuffed to the corner to wait for the ball and that is not his style of playing. This has been saying for awhile since linsanity day, for this Lin guy, #1 you need to trust him #2 you need to let him have a ball all the time to run the offense freely. That is all he needs and everybody knew that. but to get that two condition, it is hard unless the team desperate to win. You see. in rormal siituation when Kemba is in control of the game, he just stand in the corner to wait for the ball and lately Lin does not have total control of the secondary roster too because Kemba let Batum to play with Lin.

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Currently LIN is playing under handcuff from Clifford and everybody knew that. Only Kemba and Batum are the two playing whatever they want and shoot whatever number of times they want.
    To get 100% from Lin, it will not work under Hornets unless Kemba is injury or playing bad; otherwise it will not happen because both need to have a ball all the time for them to reach max efficient out of them.

    • Tuan Nguyen

      That is why everybody said that he will leave Hornets next season to play for a team that can give him a starter PG job and a coach that can trust him and invest in him. I think Sixers is a perfect place for him next season due to D’Antoni and I know Antonni is still a assistant coach not a main coach; but that is still ok.

  • loc vu

    If Jeremy and mikeD reunited…then it’s over for the LEAGUE.
    MikeD is salivating the thought of having jeremy be the field general since nash….
    Rockettes, lalaland, knickers, hornetsnest will have to answer some tough questions. ..especially ALL those aforementioned TEAMS stinks by next year…

  • Glenn Gamut

    I don’t know why everyone dwells on Lin’s shortcomings… yes, he’s not the best defender… he used to have a problem going left… now he can. If you think about it… he’s actually a better player than James Harden. If given as many touches, he would score as much as Haren (no D), and as much of a liability as he is or isn’t on Defense, there is absolutely no way he’s worse than Haren (no D). Add to that… he is a willing playmaker… he passes the ball… He is a btter player than James Haren! And way cheaper! I’m convinced that if the Rockets never signed Haren, then Lin would have been a much better player in the league. He would have developed nicely… and the Rockets would have been a better team… okay, the last one might have been a stretch.