NBA Rumors: Jimmy Butler to Orlando Magic possibility revisited

NBA Rumors: Jimmy Butler to Orlando Magic possibility revisited

The Chicago Bulls bombed out of postseason play after a disappointing second half of the 2015-2016 NBA regular season. With the frustrating performance behind them, the Bulls now look ahead and some of their players, including star wingman Jimmy Butler, will be part of the endless NBA rumors this offseason.

One of these NBA rumors is the speculated deal that put Butler front and center in a probable trade with East rivals, Orlando Magic. According to those rumors, the Magic were willing to let go of combo guard Victor Oladipo plus other players to acquire Butler.

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What sort of (fair) deals are available in any Chicago-Orlando trades? Via ESPN’s Trade Machine here’s a trade that can be considered by both squads.

Chicago Bulls – Orlando Magic Trade

Jimmy Butler ($16.4M) and Taj Gibson ($8.5M) for Victor Oladipo ($5.2M), Ersan Ilyasova ($7.9M) and Nikola Vucevic ($11.25M)

Why these NBA rumors should happen for the Bulls:

Derrick Rose may never return to his old self but Butler is the more tradable asset between the two (no one in the NBA is interested in D-Rose). Butler made the All-Star team but the Bulls get two potential All-Stars in Vucevic and Oladipo.

With the eventual departure of Pau Gasol (most likely free agent later this year) they need another scoring big man and Vucevic could be that guy to pair alongside a comebacking Joakim Noah and the promising Cristiano Felicio.

Oladipo will never be the scorer like Butler is but he’s also a good two-way guard that can eventually replace Rose at the point guard spot.

Why these NBA rumors should happen for the Magic:

No question, the Magic have young talent but they have no go-to-guy and Butler immediately assumes that role. Giving up Vucevic would mean their size will suffer but without much success with a traditional big man the past seasons, could tapping small ball (Elfrid Payton-Evan Fournier-Jimmy Butler-Aaron Gordon-Taj Gibson) be better for the team in this new NBA?

Getting Gibson in this deal would be crucial and like Butler, his impact will immediately be witnessed as his toughness will potentially complement the athleticism of Gordon.

Should the Bulls and Magic even consider such a deal? The teams have no choice as a lottery appearance means their teams will be part of the NBA rumors this offseason. Should they make a move or should they continue to stick with their current squad and hope all works out next season?

  • Arielle

    nobody interested in D-rose okay what happen now

    • Scoe63

      I heard that there were offers for Derrick Rose, but when his vision healed and he started playing like D. Rose,..

      he became untouchable again.

      Plus, D. Rose fills seats and sells merchandise.

      • Arielle

        so I guess he’ll be staying in Chicago

        • Scoe63

          Of course, he’s Chicago’s native son.

          • Arielle

            If I could have his baby

          • Scoe63


            Derrick Rose already has too many women clamoring for that honor.

            That’s why so many men (especially in the media) hates & try to downgrade Derrick Rose…


          • Arielle

            well the one thing about derrick is that you never hear him dating the next and the next its not like he has a list of women, derrick himself is too private

          • Arielle

            he’s not a sellout

  • BlacSuperman

    Trade vuc and victor. U sound stupid. Probably one but never 2. Mario and a 1st round for butler. Only way we trade vuc is if rob is hell bent on Howards return.