NBA Rumors: Huge Knicks-Cavs trade sends Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland, Kevin Love to New York—so LeBron James can match the Warriors’ ‘Super Team’

NBA Rumors: Huge Knicks-Cavs trade sends Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland, Kevin Love to New York—so LeBron James can match the Warriors’ ‘Super Team’

The Golden State Warriors are the runaway favorites to win the NBA title next season thanks to their acquisition of superstar forward Kevin Durant. With two-time MVP Stephen Curry and All-Stars Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, other teams must make major moves this season to be at par with the West “super team”.

One blockbuster trade is being suggested at Fox Sports, on how other teams, like the Cleveland Cavaliers, can try to match the Warriors’ firepower next season.

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NBA analyst Andrew Lynch admitted that Kevin Love played a vital role in last year’s NBA Finals but he sees the Cavaliers as a better team if they can ship the power forward to the New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony.

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“Things changed this offseason, however. With Kevin Durant in Golden State, the Cavs’ current lineup probably won’t cut it, so we’d love to see Melo join forces with LeBron and Kyrie Irving to take on the Warriors,” Lynch said.

He added, “The Knicks would acquire a younger power forward and move on from Melo’s exorbitant contract. Although there might be some questions about how Love fits into New York’s front line, Kristaps Porzingis’ versatility would allow the Knicks to move Porzingis to center in the long-term or play Love/Porzingis/Joakim Noah together, with Porzingis using his quickness and length to bother opposing small forwards while Love sticks with the bigger man.”

This NBA trade rumor was also discussed last season when both the Cavaliers and Knicks were struggling. Since LeBron and Melo are close friends off the court, this speculation remains a possibility. Fans point to the time when LeBron joined good friend Dwyane Wade in Miami to form the “super friends”.

Anthony has also created a good chemistry with Cavs PG Irving when both represented Team USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics where they won the gold medal.

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Should the Cavaliers explore this trade even if they are the defending NBA champions? Are the Knicks better off with Kevin Love over Carmelo Anthony?

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  • moocow007

    Papi…Carmelo Anthony has a no trade clause.

    That means even if the Knicks wanted to trade him and his “exorbitant contract” (you may actually want to see some of the recent contracts signed by NBA players before making that poorly thought out statement), they wouldn’t be able to without getting his approval.

    To which…why would he agree to move away from his hometown, where his “brand” is and where he is still the main man to play “Robin” (or “Batgirl” depending on what people think of Kyrie Irving) for Lebron James “Batman”?

    Let me guess…the old cliche…”to win a championship”?

    If winning a championship is his top priority why would he have forced a trade to the Knicks AND then resigned with the Knicks? They certainly weren’t anywhere near championship caliber at either of those points in time. Also, based on his recent statement (Rio Olympics) he actually seems fine without the possibility that he may never win an NBA championship.

    So yeah, while I understand just writing “articles” to get clicks (which is basically what this is about right?) but it would be a whole lot better to actually put some thought into what you are writing (well that’s assuming that I’m actually even responding to a real person and not a bot that basically is regurgitating “stuff” gotten from other spam “news sites”).

    • whydouneedakno

      Yeah i am sure Melo would decline a trade to Cleveland… Melo has said multiple times that he would live to play with LBJ so why would he decline the trade

      • victor briggs

        The story is bullshit

  • too blind to see

    Carmelo = no defense

    • whydouneedakno

      And Love plays amazing defense? Hahaha Love is terrible, soft, and plays no defense… Look at his stats in the Finals vs a small Warriors team…

      • too blind to see

        my point, why go get another no defense player

  • X Straightedge Gucci Mane X

    I’m not reading all that! First off, Melo can’t be traded. He has a no trade clause to his contract. This article is a waste of internet space and time for those reading it. Second, Cavs have pointed out many times this off season that they have no plans to trade for love. Third, ball is life. So quit it with the desperate attempts at #ClickBait

    • Sue Hinton

      Melo can be traded the owner said he won’t keep Any player that doesn’t want to be there but I don’t think melo want to go anywhere

      • BURRMAN’s BaCKUP

        yo he literally has a no trade clause in his contract lol. Not honoring a legally binding document is “illegal,” wouldn’t you say that?

  • Austin Rivers

    this trade doesn’t even make sense for the knicks lmao. Why would they give up their best player for a player that isn’t even arguably the third best on the Cavs. Just leave the sports to Stephen A man