NBA Rumors: Lakers Nick Young, singer Paloma Ford officially an item with a kiss?

NBA Rumors: Lakers Nick Young, singer Paloma Ford officially an item with a kiss?

Lakers’ Nick Young has officially announced to the world that he has moved on as he kissed rumored girlfriend Paloma Ford. The couple was leaving The Nice Guy and made sure people saw them making out.

TMZ reported that Young was leaving with Ford when photographers asked him about his thoughts of Metta World Peace being re-signed by the Lakers. After answering that he was happy for his teammate, the photographer tried to get Young’s comment on Derrick Rose’s dragging his name to the alleged gang rape case. To which he gave a “no comment” answer.

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As the couple was inside the car as if they waited for the paparazzi as they smooched for everyone to see. Many may see Ford a Young’s rebound chick, but it does not bother her at all. The kiss officially sends a message that Young has moved on from Iggy Azalea.

As if that is not enough, Silver Screen and Roll reported that Young is getting the call to take part in the Lakers’ training camp next week. It would have seemed that the Lakers are giving Young a second chance after his squabble with teammate D’Angelo Russell.

Young admitted that he wanted to mend ways with Russell but rumors did not stop saying the team would either trade him or buy his contract out. He still has $11 million in his remaining year with the Lakers and had the team waived him before the Aug. 31 deadline, it could have helped them stretched their cap.

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Young comes back, but will face a tough training camp to get the cut for next season. The Lakers have 16 players all in all of the camp with the recent addition of Metta World Peace and Thomas Robinson.

Young will have to prove that he still deserves a spot on the Lakers’ roster and that is no problem. Since he already has a stable love life, to begin with, and the next thing for Young to do is to fill Ford’s fingers with classy bling that will surely piss Azalea off too.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr