NBA Rumors: Lakers to offer Brandon Ingram, 2017 pick to trade for 76ers’ Nerlens Noel?

NBA Rumors: Lakers to offer Brandon Ingram, 2017 pick to trade for 76ers’ Nerlens Noel?

The Los Angeles Lakers want to make an impact in the coming NBA season and for that to happen they need the right pieces to be in place and rumors are swirling that the Lakers are willing to trade rookie Brandon Ingram in exchange for Nerlens Noel of the 76ers.

Luke Walton wants to make an impression on the team’s front office and fans that they made the right decision in bringing him as their new head coach. The Lakers are also in a rebuilding process after Kobe Bryant retired from the sport. Many see that Walton is keen in doing a Golden State Warrior-like type of system wherein they run and gun on both ends of the floor.

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Aside from a fast pace of play, the Lakers do also want big men to protect the shaded area. Though they have Timofey Mozgov to man the center adding Noel to the picture would make their unit on the floor mobile with the likes of D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Luol Deng, Julius Randle, Jose Calderon, and Metta World Peace.

With most of their players showing improvement during the offseason, the Lakers could be a team to seriously take a second look. But are they willing to make the sacrifice to send their rookie Brandon Ingram to a trade? The trade, should it happen, will see Ingram teaming up with this year’s top pick Ben Simmons.

For the 76ers, they are still looking for possible trade partners that would unload either Jahlil Okafor or Noel. If they would agree to the trade, they would not still move forward with anything since they are taking in Ingram, who plays the no. 4 positions. Thus, they will still go back to where they started, having an unbalanced roster.

If the 76ers agrees to the trade, Simmons and Ingram might collide on who should get the playing time. Though, having the top two picks this year would give them a bright future as they could journey with both Simmons and Ingram as they mature with their respective playing styles.

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Adding to the Lakers’ headache is the consequence of their 2012 deal with the failed creation of a super team that had Dwight Howard and Steve Nash under their wing. Everybody knew that with Howard and Nash playing side-by-side Kobe Bryant did not reap many benefits for the Lakers as they exited the playoffs in the first round.

According to Real GM, “if the L.A. Lakers convey a 1st round pick to Philadelphia in 2017, then the L.A. Lakers will convey their 2019 1st round pick to Orlando; if the L.A. Lakers do not convey a 1st round pick to Philadelphia in 2017, then the L.A. Lakers will instead convey their 2017 2nd round pick and 2018 2nd round pick to Orlando.”

If not Ingram, the Lakers can still look at its assets on hand and try to explore which will better suit a trade for Noel. The coming season will be a make or break for the Lakers and for them to be competitive, they need to make some gambles and hope they pay off in the end.

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