NBA Rumors: Lakers trading for Jahlil Okafor with Timofey Mozgov injury? Will L.A. give up D’Angelo Russell or Jordan Clarkson?

NBA Rumors: Lakers trading for Jahlil Okafor with Timofey Mozgov injury? Will L.A. give up D’Angelo Russell or Jordan Clarkson?

The Los Angeles Lakers were criticized for signing Timofey Mozgov to a huge contract in 2016 offseason. NBA rumors now surround L.A. after they lost Mozgov to an injury over the weekend and could possibly start talking possible trades for Philadelphia 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor.

Unfortunately for the L.A. squad, they could be missing the Russian center to start the new NBA season as he got hurt while playing for the Russian national team in an international friendly over the weekend.

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According to, Mozgov will undergo MRI and he will be re-evaluated sometime this week. Mozgov will miss the next two games for Russia and possibly the preseason games for the Lakers later this year depending on the severity of the injury.

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This puts the Lakers in a tough situation as they projected Mozgov to be the starting center for the squad, which features young players like D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle.

Mozgov is the lone big man in the Lakers roster though they have other young forwards and centers like Larry Nance, Tarik Black and Ivaca Zubic. Could the Lakers make a deal before the season starts and get their starting big man to replace Mozgov in the starting line-up?

Previous NBA rumors had the Lakers linked to the Philadelphia 76ers because they have available big men on the trading block. Reportedly available for trades are Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor for Philadelphia, who are aiming for a more “balanced roster” to enter the 2016-2017 season.

While the Lakers have not announced anyone on their trading block, they have the guards to offer Philadelphia for a possible deal. Russell and Clarkson share the same point guard position and the Lakers could deal one of them especially if they can get another big man to replace Mozgov or pair with the Russian center when he returns from injury.

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Okafor is reportedly on the trading block, with his name included in many NBA rumors this 2016 offseason. The young big man was linked to the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves in many reports.

Would a Jahlil Okafor trade for D’Angelo Russell or Jordan Clarkson work for the Sixers and Lakers? Philadelphia gets their starting point guard while Los Angeles gets a franchise big man.

Photo courtesy: Алексей Кузяшин/Wikimedia Commons


    Enough with these bogus ass trades… the Lakers could’ve drafted Okafor…. stop this piss poor click bait shit…

    • BigRickDeemann

      Yeah, worst 2 pick for LA ever. Dslow!

  • Brad C

    Yeah sure….we r already big man heavy so let me guess….trade off our potential star guards for another? Just because Mosgov got hit in the nuts doesnt mean we do something nuts! Click bait all the way of course….not even a chance this sparks trade thoughts with FO…other than ” When this guy heals up we need to trade him to some sucker looking for a final competing piece that will overpay like we did”

    • BigRickDeemann

      What Big Man heavy? It’s their Achilles heel. Don’t have a real true big man who is a legit starter. Meanwhile they have volume shooting 2 guards (young, Lou, Clarkson, Russell (not a pg can’t log any real assists, just a shooter) Huertas, Calderon, and not 1 of them except maybe Huertas is a real PG. It’s really a mess of a group no balance at all. No PG and no center. 25 wins max.

      • Idiots Everywhere

        Actually they have 3 centers: Mozgov, Tarik Black, and Ivica Zubac.

        No real PGs? Russell and Clarkson can both play the point and the 2, which gives the Lakers quite a bit of versatility. Russell can’t log any assists? Wrong again. Coming out of college, he was praised for his incredible court vision and ingenious passes. Now I will agree that this hasn’t translated to the NBA yet, as many times he sees something develop before his teammates do, and when he tries to pass, they are not ready, resulting in a turn-over. But I believe as this team develops chemistry, and Russell has more experience under his belt, he will be one of the league’s premier passers. This, on top of his burgeoning shooting and scoring prowess, has many around the league excited and expecting him to have a breakout season. Considering that last year, with Kobe’s farewell chucking tour and Byron Scott’s horrible coaching, Russell’s per 36 minute stats were: 16.8 ppg / 4.4 apg / 4.2 rpg, I’d say it is quite possible, even likely that Russell averages close to 20/5/5, maybe even more with regards to the assists. Only time will tell, but I’d put money on it. Watch and see.

      • Brad C

        Ouch….I wud take that wager. ….but honestly not much higher if betting….if hoping lol….like to get 40.

      • Brad C

        Lol u might not be happy about our big man selection. …but we are still heavy on that end.

        • BigRickDeemann

          Big men with no top level skill set. Ok we agree.

  • Idiots Everywhere

    Considering the Lakers had the opportunity to take Okafor with the second pick last year, and they instead chose to draft Russell.. could you explain why on earth they would consider trading the one they chose for the one they didn’t chose? I didn’t think so. Pointless clickbait article written by someone who knows nothing about the NBA for people who know nothing about the NBA. I hope you’re not getting paid. If you are, then you must tell me how to get a similar job.