NBA Rumors: Lakers trading Nick Young, Larry Nance to the Cavs for Iman Shumpert?

NBA Rumors: Lakers trading Nick Young, Larry Nance to the Cavs for Iman Shumpert?

The NBA training camp is just a couple of weeks away but several teams are still linked with trade speculations. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Los Angeles Lakers might be trading Nick Young and Larry Nance Jr. to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Iman Shumpert.

The Lakers’ “Swaggy P” has been in a lot of NBA rumors this offseason but he still remains as a member of the team. On the other hand, Shumpert was arrested back in August in Atlanta for suspected DUI and he admitted that he was smoking marijuana, per ESPN.

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NBA rumors in Cleveland imply that the 26-year-old is still going to be part of the team as a bench player but he is facing a possible suspension from the league. The arrest has prompted several trade scenarios if ever his off-court issues escalate again.

Quenton Albertie of King James Gospel suggested that the Cavs can trade Shumpert to the Lakers for Nick Young and Larry Nance Jr. He noted that it will give Cleveland a scorer off the bench and an athletic wing that fits perfectly with the team.

“As a designated scorer off the bench, there are few players better than Young. Larry Nance Jr., the son of a Cleveland Cavaliers legend, is a versatile frontcourt player defensively,” Albertie reported.

On the other hand, the Lakers will get a starting shooting guard to pair with D’Angelo Russell in the backcourt. It shifts Jordan Clarkson to the bench alongside Lou Williams and the two could wreak havoc to opposing benches.

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Nevertheless, it should be noted that these are just NBA rumors at the moment but expect things to heat up if Iman Shumpert or Nick Young’s issues escalate early in the season. The Cavs are going in to defend their crown while the Lakers are looking not to finish in the bottom of the standings.

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  • Dave

    That’s the dumbest trade proposal, Larry Nance Jr. alone is worth more than Iman Shumpert plus another player. Nance is the Lakers best defensive player, why would the Lakers trade him for a much older and inferior defender in Shumpert? This article makes no sense.

  • Robert Houston

    This a good trade Lou Williams and Nick Young for Iman Shumpert no more Larry Nance is not included one headache for another this a good trade for each team,