NBA Rumors: Lance Stephenson to Brooklyn? Nets signing SG to a veteran minimum deal

NBA Rumors: Lance Stephenson to Brooklyn? Nets signing SG to a veteran minimum deal

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Brooklyn Nets, who are reportedly signing free agent Lance Stephenson to a veteran minimum deal.

Lance Stephenson is one of the few free agents who have not yet found a home this offseason. The Memphis Grizzlies chose not to pick up Stephenson’s player option. It remains questionable why the Grizzlies passed on bringing back the 25-year-old shooting guard despite averaging 14.2 points and shot 47.4 percent from the field.

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According to Chat Sports, several NBA teams have shown interest to sign Lance Stephenson, including the Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks and the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, as of now, no team is signing Stephenson.

There are rumors that the Brooklyn Nets are trying to upgrade their shooting guard position and wing rotation. The Nets tried to rebuild the team this summer by signing Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe to huge deals.

Unfortunately, both players, who were restricted free agents, returned to their respective teams. The Nets’ biggest acquisition this summer is the Asian-American guard, Jeremy Lin. The Nets currently have Rondae Hollis-Jefferson for the shooting guard position and still has more to improve.

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Meanwhile, they have Bojan Bogdanovic in the small forward, who has shown an impressive performance in the Rio Olympics. If the Nets will pursue Lance Stephenson, he will definitely be a good complement for the 2 and 3.

Lance Stephenson may have on-court issues, but he has proven his effectiveness if given the minutes and if his head is in the game. His scoring prowess and dominant rebounding will undeniably give a boost in the Nets’ roster.

Despite the improvement this offseason, the Brooklyn Nets are still predicted to be one of the worst teams next season. Adding a player like Lance Stephenson might be quite risky, but the Nets should consider his ability to help the team.

According to Gary Washburn of Boston Globe, if Lance Stephenson fails to find a new team this offseason, there is a higher possibility that he will play overseas.

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  • moocow007

    “if Lance Stephenson fails to find a new team this offseason, there is a higher possibility that he will play overseas.”

    Come on guys…

    Unless there’s an option to play on the moon, what other choice does he have other than playing overseas if he fails to find a new team this offseason?

    ***eye roll***

  • Ray B

    Man, so many people have such a narrow way of seeing sports. Before the era of super teams (3 super stars, one team) you had a team/organization built on roles. Maybe 1 star. You would have a pg who can run the team, sg who was a pure shooter, sf who could slash to the rim, play D, pf who could hustle, get rebounds, play D and a center who could block shots and have a post game. A coach…..who actually coaches instead of saying…..just give it to James, Westbrook, curry and i’ll stand out of the way. Nets wouldn’t touch Stephenson, a pestilent player with the proverbial 10 foot pole. SMH. I guest these type articles serve as comedy on the lack of basketball knowledge by what feels like 90% of interested parties.


      You mean Lance Stephenson is a garbage? C’mon man watch him play before saying that the Nets do not need him..

  • Chris Rollins

    pass on this clown. right now with the young guys the locker room has the potential to have good atmosphere. why bring stephenson and screw up everything and make what potentially will be a bad season even worse.