NBA Rumors: Larry Sanders gets interest from Cavs, Warriors?

NBA Rumors: Larry Sanders gets interest from Cavs, Warriors?

Free agent Larry Sanders is making a buzz about reviving his NBA career as rumors are swirling that the Cavs and the Warriors are seriously interested in signing him up.

The 27-year-old former Milwaukee Bucks center steered interest on social media when he posted a picture from the movie The Warriors then followed it up with an oil painting of a cavalier. Mike Piellucci of Vice Sports noted that many thought it was a hint that Sanders would come back playing. But nothing official has been laid out yet.

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With both teams already making the final cut to their respective rosters, adding Sanders remains a question. Sanders stated that until he has addressed his mental status a comeback in the NBA is nowhere close yet.

“If the time comes and the stars align, then yeah,” he said. “If I feel like I’m ready to play this summer, I’ll probably be on a team next year.”

Many thought that Sanders already have some offers on the table but refuses to agree to it. The Warriors have been looking for players to sign up on a minimum budget since they inked NBA superstar Kevin Durant via free agency this summer.

Sanders was a force to reckon with inside the paint as the seventh overall in the Defensive Player of the Year honors back in the 2012-2013 season. Back then he was a monster of a rim protector averaging 9.5 rebounds with 2.8 blocks a game.

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Many thought Sanders’ career had taken off nicely after he signed a rookie scale extension with the Bucks in 2013 worth $44 million. But things took a wrong turn ever since then. Drugs and personal issues dragged his career down to waste. Sanders would see the exit door as the Bucks bought his contract out last year.

Sanders still at his prime and the question if he really wants to come back and play in the NBA is totally up to him. He must first come out clean from his drug addiction and prove that he is worth the gamble. Otherwise, he would rather stay retired just the way he is now.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr