NBA Rumors: LeBron James unhappy without J.R. Smith, re-opens Dwyane Wade tandem in 2017 with Chicago?

NBA Rumors: LeBron James unhappy without J.R. Smith, re-opens Dwyane Wade tandem in 2017 with Chicago?

Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers has finally secured its first NBA title, which is also a first championship for three of its professional teams in 52 years, the first step to defending it has been secured with the re-signing of team captain LeBron James, who’s pushed hard to get shooting guard J.R. Smith back.

Not only is LeBron James the Cavs’ leader on the basketball court, but he’s also known to play a de facto GM role, envisioning and building a team around him that supports his style of game.

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He practically gets what he wants, just as he’s formed the current championship team, which signed coach Tyronn Lue upon his urging.

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Isn’t LeBron James influential enough to bring back J.R. Smith?

The Cavaliers shooting guard is now an unrestricted free agent, but he reportedly wants more than the team is willing to give. He wants an upgrade in salary to $15 million, but the Cavs is committed to appropriate only $10 million, even upon LeBron James pressure.

“Let’s get J.R. done,” James said in a report by the NBA. “It’s that time.”

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The Cavaliers are now beyond the luxury tax limit, thanks to LeBron James massive yet justified contract. For them to follow James’ orders would cost them an extra $43 million since they have to shell out $3.75 for every dollar Smith receives in the contract.

Basketball experts believe J.R. Smith is vital to the Cavaliers roster to defend their title. He is a solid three-point threat, and his presence gives LeBron James some space to do what he does best.

Despite the pressure by James, rumors surfaced that the Cavs won’t be giving in to J.R. Smith’s demands. It’s been circulating around the league that they’d be getting center Josh Smith instead from the Houston Rockets to add to their defensive game.

Josh Smith, at 6 ft 9 in, is a decent rim protector, and his athleticism could fit the Cavs’ game.

According to a report by Mobile & Apps, J.R. Smith may also join the Timberwolves alongside Ricky Rubio, Kris Dunn and small forward Andrew Wiggins to develop the team’s back court strength.

But isn’t this an affront to James who’s used to getting what he wants? If the Cavs fail to defend their title against the default favorite Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant of the Warriors it’s highly possible that he’d blame the team’s management and leave Cleveland by 2017 to team up as Bulls with Dwyane Wade.

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry along with the Warriors super team may prove too much against the Cavs now without Smith who’s undeniably played a major role to last season’s success.

It’s no secret that James has longed to team up again with Dwyane Wade, who’s also a good friend.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have been tested back in the day with the Heat, and they’ve been spotted working out together earlier this week.

Do you feel the Cavs ought to give in to James’ demands and sign up J.R. Smith in spite of the financial costs before it’s too late?

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  • Cthulhu

    2017? How would that work exactly; being LeBron is under contract until at least 2018? Sound like another shite sports site making crap up.

    • Villain

      LeBron will be a free agent after next season, that’s still within 2017.

      • Cthulhu

        No… He will be a free agent after 2 more seasons because he signed a 3 year contract with the player option for the third season. That would be the 2018-19 season.

  • Parker Brooks

    Completely unsubstantiated rumors. Chicago is much worse of a team than the Cavs. Aside from Jimmy Butler, who do they have to entice Lebron? Rondo is decent but Irving is much better. And Wade’s skills are going to degrade much in the next year or so.

    • Villain

      Well, how did this worse team entice Dwyane Wade in the first place? And LeBron has always wanted to partner again with Wade, he looks up to MJ and watched the Bulls so it formulated the style he has today. with all he’s accomplished, riding out the rest of his career with Chicago isn’t far fetched.