NBA Rumors: Luke Walton wants to build a strong relationship with the team; will keep Nick Young?

NBA Rumors: Luke Walton wants to build a strong relationship with the team; will keep Nick Young?

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton wants to build the team around a strong relationship with one another among members through trust. Rumors are swirling that the Lakers are heading into training camp as a different team with Walton keeping Nick Young for the coming season.

Orange County Register reports that Walton wants to build a culture with the Lakers that cannot be found in any rule book. He wants to start their training camp on a different note not by drills or playbooks but with trusting one another. Walton stated that establishing a relationship with his coaching staff and with the players would be the start of things.

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“We’ve made it a fun and enjoyable place for them to come to work out, train and get better. I think that’s a big reason, even though it’s optional, a lot of the guys are coming in,” Walton said.

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Walton explained that he and Byron Scott are dividing the workload with the former Lakers star developing their rookies. One key part of the Lakers in the coming season will be their bench and how well players respond to the challenge. Walton added that aside from that, there will be team building sessions to further strengthen the team.

Walton believes the system will depend on how fast the players respond and how hard they would work to meet their goals as a team. He assures the staff and the players that their camp will be more than fun than work.

Walton wants to set up a system with the Lakers wherein they would look after one another than playing as individuals. He added that once they meet their goals, then Walton can safely say that they will have a wonderful season.

And it seems that Walton’s idea for the Lakers is working as Nick Young defended teammate D’Angelo Russell from angry fans. TMZ reported that Russell was at Drake’s concert held at the Lakers’ home and when fans saw him, they started chanting, “Hide Your Phone.” Young stated that he and Russell are good and that people should move on from the past.

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It would be remembered that it was Russell who leaked out a video of Young confessing that he cheated with ex-girlfriend Iggy Azalea. The video went viral and caused emotional breakdown from both Young and Azalea. Now that Young has addressed the issue, he tells fans to leave Russell alone.


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Walton’s idea for the Lakers is taking it effect as Young has simply moved on from what happened in the past. With the new system, Walton hopes that the players would respond positively as it will carry them in the coming season.

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