NBA Rumors: Mike Conley will join the Sacramento Kings next season

NBA Rumors: Mike Conley will join the Sacramento Kings next season

Rumors and speculations are now swirling with the Memphis Grizzlies guard Mike Conley who is said to be joining Dave Joerger in the Sacramento Kings.

The rumors started after the Sacramento Kings officially hired Joerger to be their next head coach. According to a report from Yahoo Sports, Kings owner Vivek Ranadive and the former Memphis Grizzlies head coach met on Monday and their discussions came to a conclusion with agreement. Dave Joerger signed a three-year contract worth $12 million, including a team option in the fourth season that could make his contract worth $16 million.

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With this move, some speculated that the Kings next move would be to sign Mike Conley in the upcoming free agency. Joerger’s connection with Conley can be a huge factor into what team he will choose in the off-season. Joerger had been a big factor in Conley’s career development when he was still the Grizzlies head coach.

According to a report from Hall of Fame Magazine, soon-to-be free agent Mike Conley could follow the footsteps of his former mentor in Sacramento and team up with one of the promising big man in the league, DeMarcus Cousins.

Having a career average of 13.6 points, 5.6 assists and 2.9 rebounds, Conley will be a great additional with the Kings’ current roster. The 28-year old guard can be bring a good chemistry with a pass-first point guard like Rajon Rondo, who is expected to re-sign with the team in the upcoming off-season.

Based on another report, Conley said that money would not be a factor in his decision this summer. This means that Conley will be considering a team where he can unleash his greatest potential in the game and playing under Dave Joerger may be the answer for him since Joerger knows exactly how to use him in a game.

With a salary cap space of $25.5 million, the Kings can still look for an additional superstar in the free agency market. If their plan goes well, the Sacramento Kings will surely be expected to enter the playoffs next season.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

  • Boshow

    This is one dumb article. You have no idea of anything going on in memphis. Conley and joerger weren’t all that close. He was close to Lionel. Conley zbo gasol and others resisted joerger’s offensive changes the 3yrs he coached. I like joerger a lot. But you are dead wrong. Money may not be a factor until you leave 20mil on the table in a no state income state with one of the lowest cost of living in the country. And I haven’t even started on the fact gasol and conley are best friends. Like real best friends. I fully expect conley back in Memphis unless mem fo completely screws the pooch and lowballs him while not adding any relevant pieces. Please do your research before posting absurd articles with bold statements. This is a simple click bait headline. Ridiculous. Hahahahaha

    • J

      I’m not saying this article is right but unless your an insider or have personal access to Mike Conley and his thoughts about all of these rumors you shouldn’t talk like you know what’s going to happen. Your post sounds just as ridiculous as the one that you commented on.


      before commenting anything stupid research for the word RUMORS.. i have read different articles pertaining to my team and ur comment is saying like you know everything.. maybe replace the writer..hahaha

  • javier Reagan

    Are you in the Memphis club house or Conley’s next door neighbor. .I doubt it so your BS is just plain BS

  • Boshow

    Yeah do either of you live in memphis? I didn’t think so. Are either of you grizzlies fans plugged into the local team and beat writers and talk radio? Didn’t think so. Here in memphis nothing I said can be disputed except that I expect conley back. It is no secret joerger and him were not all that close. It is no secret the core 4 resisted joerger’s offensive scheme changes for 3yrs. It is no secret conley is real life best friends with gasol and was a major recruiting tool of gasol. They even left the exit Interviews for the season in the same car. They are always together. And you do not have to be a genius to know leaving 25mil $$ on the table is easy to say but when the check is in front of you much harder to do. This article states his closeness to joerger as a main reason of sac being attractive. False. If anything conley would be looking good for a playoff team barely a piece away. Not a dumpster fire like the kings. And out of conleys own mouth he stated the outline to retain him. Offer him the max and sign shooters around the aging core 4. Again, the only way conley leaves memphis is if the Grizz lowballs him on money or do not try and succeed signing a shooter or two. Go ahead fact check. I’ll wait.


      wow a mr. “Know It All” hahaha guys a round of applause for Mike Conley’s dick sucker! hahaha these are just rumors let them!

      • Boshow

        Is that English? Lift up off Kobe’s cock and realize if you live in Memphis this article is full of crap. Everything it lists is basically incorrect. Everything I said can be verified. But I would expect someone with your IQ to overlook all of it and throw shade like you did. Explains all I need to know.