NBA Rumors: Minnesota Timberwolves to go after Russell Westbrook, offer Zach Lavine and Ricky Rubio to OKC Thunder?

NBA Rumors: Minnesota Timberwolves to go after Russell Westbrook, offer Zach Lavine and Ricky Rubio to OKC Thunder?

With the departure of Kevin Durant with the Oklahoma City Thunder this 2016 free agency, the West team is expected to be active on the trade market and might deal away star point guard Russell Westbrook, according to NBA rumors.

One suggested trade involves Westbrook going to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are expected to battle for a playoff spot under new head coach Tom Thibodeau.

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A Fox Sports article recommends that OKC should send Westbrook along with Anthony Morrow and ask for Minnesota’s promising guards in Zach Lavine and Ricky Rubio plus forward Shabazz Muhammad.

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“An absolute no-brainer for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but, why would Minnesota trade one of the league’s most promising young prospects (LaVine),” Rob Perez wrote.

“Because you would have a team of Russell Westbrook, Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns—that’s why. Of all the options discussed thus far, this “Big 3” might be the scariest long-term monster of them all.”

It’s not clear what the Thunder’s plan for Westbrook is. After losing Durant for nothing in free agency, there are NBA rumors that OKC’s management is worried that the same will happen in 2017 when their star point guard will also hit the free agency market.

The Timberwolves will become playoff contenders if they manage to get Westbrook in a trade. With the trio of Westbrook, Wiggins and Towns, they’d have many options inside and outside on offense and also improve defensively.

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For the Thunder, dealing Westbrook this summer could net them good value for the point guard. The suggested Minnesota-Oklahoma City NBA rumors is one of the best deals for the Thunder, who are expected to rebuild after Durant left them this summer.

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  • SiLow

    Yes. The T-Wolves would be trading a starting PG on a cheap contract and a promising young player on a rookie contract for Westbrook who has 1 year remaining on his contract to bet that he’d sign long term in Minnesota? Are you a journalist or a stupid sports fan?

    • Super K

      Westbrook would have to sign an extension before the trade before the wolves would do that. Would he be willing to do that with more cap space for teams coming at the end of this year? I don’t think it will happen. Either he stays in OKC or he gets traded for less than he’s worth.

    • naturallythe1

      Agreed. Westbrook would leave MN after his one year and we’d lose most importantly Lavine, a seemingly good friend of Wiggins and Towns and one third of OUR big three. Rubio wants out if they don’t make the playoffs THIS year, and Idk if they will for sure, so no big loss losing him imo, but enough Lavine trade talks. He has huge upside and can probably score 20 a game with 35 minute a game next year. Not only can he attack the rim, but he has improved his shot a lot and ended up with one of the best 3pt% on the Wolves last season.

  • Bj Stone

    The only way Westbrook is going to Minny is if he agrees to an extension. And even then, if he does, that is too high of an asking price. Minnesota should offer Dunn (a top 5 pick), a future 1st, one player of value (whether it’s Lavine, or Dieng, or Muhammad) and then ask OKC to take the contract of Pekovic off their hands, which will give OKC a huge future exemption. That would work for both teams. I prefer, personally, that Lavine not be the player they choose, but c’mon, we’re talking about Westbrook here. But the deal you have made up? Not good for Minnesota. Not good at all. Rubio stays, or no deal.

    • Charlie

      Rubio is trash he can’t shoot a jumper to save his life. The day Rubio is traded is the day the T-Wolves have a real shot to make it to the playoffs.

      • goonscape

        Anyone who says Rubio can’t shoot doesn’t watch the wolves enough. After the Allstar break he shot 40% and 37% from three. Not to mention top 5 in steals and assists and the 2nd best defensive plus-minus amongst PGs. The wolves suck when he’s NOT on the floor.

  • wwbuilder

    No way the Thunder are taking that trade.

    • Mickey

      Are you serious? 0% chance the Wolves take that trade. Westbrook has made it clear he is not signing an extension and will hit free agency next year. The Thunder could get 3 players in exchange for Morrow and a 1 year rental of Westbrook.

  • SiLow

    Why would RW forego free agency and the experience to be courted and make the best decision for himself to sign an extension with OKC and be at the mercy of a trade?

    Any if RW surprisingly signs an extension with OKC why would they trade away their franchise player in his prime?

    Minnesota only traded Kevin Love when he clearly wouldn’t resign with the T-Wovles. Minny did everything it could to retain him.

    This “rumor” is just delusional sports fan fodder because this “journalist” couldn’t come up with anything worthwhile to report.

    • Mickey

      Westbrook is an amazing player, but that trade would not be ideal for the Wolves. The only way the Wolves would sniff this trade is through a sign and trade, and there is no way Westbrook would do that, when he can just wait 1 year and then get a max contract worth way more.