NBA Rumors: Nuggets looks to trade Kenneth Faired, Will Barton and Gary Harris for Clippers’ Blake Griffin?

NBA Rumors: Nuggets looks to trade Kenneth Faired, Will Barton and Gary Harris for Clippers’ Blake Griffin?

The Denver Nuggets are seriously looking to trade Kenneth Faried as rumors are swirling that they are considering adding Will Barton and Gary Harris in exchange for Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin.

The Nuggets understand that this trade offer would be a long shot as Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers wants the core of his team to remain intact. Rivers has talked about bringing back all of their players for next season with Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan on it. However, the offer of the Nuggets might push Rivers to revisit his decision and reconsider since the Clippers have fallen short of their goal last season due to the injury plague.

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Adding Faired to the Clippers lineup could very well space out the offense. Barton and Harris would also help ease the defense on Paul and would be viable options coming off the bench as well. For the Nuggets, it might be a risky move but if they would be able to get Griffin via trade then it would build their confidence next season.

Surely, the Nuggets would be left thin in the backcourt position if the trade was to happen. However, it will pave the way for Emmanuel Mudiay, Malik Beasley and Jameer Nelson to develop and step up for the team. The addition of Griffin would also create an offensive option for them with Nikola Jokic, Mike Miller and possibly rookie Juan Hernangomez.

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The Clippers know that they could not hold on to Griffin for a long time as sooner or later they will part ways. With the trade offer from the Nuggets, it could either bolster their campaign for next season or flush them again of a possible postseason run. The Clippers should hear out trade offers for them to pick out which ones could address their needs for their future.

For the Nuggets, it’s a matter of getting the right trade partner for them to unload Faried. They are hoping that the Clippers would take a closer look at their offer which might be able to help them achieve their goals for next season.

Photo Courtesy: Howcheng/Wikimedia