NBA Rumors: Rajon Rondo perfect fit for the Houston Rockets?

NBA Rumors: Rajon Rondo perfect fit for the Houston Rockets?

Rajon Rondo signed a one-year deal with the Sacramento Kings and now that he is an unrestricted free agent this summer, NBA rumors are swirling that he is a perfect fit for the Houston Rockets which is said will play an up-tempo game under coach Mike D’Antoni.

D’Antoni wants the Rockets to run next season and they must have a steady point guard who could keep up with the pace, and pair him with volume scorer James Harden. The Rockets would need somebody in the point guard position who could very well swing the ball to a running teammate for a quick point and run back in defense.

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That is where the 30-year-old four-time All-Star and All-Defensive Team member comes in. Rondo still has speed and despite the need to improve on his jump shot, he is the one that the Rockets could need. Rondo also has the experience and has outgrown his immaturity on and off the court as well.

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But that is if the Rockets could give him a good offer that he could not refuse. Rondo signed a $9.5 million contract with the Kings and the team is also ready to give him a large deal since they feel that he could play well with new head coach Dave Joerger’s system.

In his stint with the Kings, Rondo has averaged 11.9 points, 11.7 assists, and 6.0 rebounds which are a big rebound from his previous averages.

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The Ty Lawson buyout could give the Rockets the needed financial flexibility to be able to make an offer for Rondo, who is an unrestricted free agent, which means the Kings can lose him for nothing in free agency.

With Rondo with the Rockets, he could add versatility to their offense as he could penetrate the paint effectively and dish out the ball to their shooters. Aside from that Rondo could very well fit in D’Antoni’s run-and-gun style and pick-and-roll plays.

The Rockets can make the offer to Rondo on July 1 when free agency officially opens.

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