NBA Rumors: Rockets acquiring Nerlens Noel from Sixers?

NBA Rumors: Rockets acquiring Nerlens Noel from Sixers?

The Houston Rockets have given Dwight Howard a deadline to show his commitment to stay with the team. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Rockets will focus their attention on acquiring Nerlens Noel from the Philadelphia 76ers if Howard bolts in free agency.

As mentioned in a previous report, the Rockets gave Howard until June 22 to make his decision to stay and play with Mike D’Antoni or leave for free agency. It is a day before the 2016 NBA Draft and the Rockets may be looking at trades to replace Howard.

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The Sixers has been shopping both Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel ever since the regular season started. They are likely looking for a great return for both but Bret Stuter of FanSided suggested that the Rockets can acquire Noel by trading veterans.

Stuter noted that the Sixers are looking to win as many games as they can but they can’t do that with a team full of young players. He mentioned that the Rockets can send Michael Beasley, Andrew Goudelock and a pair of second round picks for Noel.

It does not look like a fair trade but Beasley came to play in the last couple months of the season. Patrick Beverley may be a better offer than Goudelock and a first-round pick in the future won’t hurt either.

Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni was a former associate coach with the Sixers so there really might be interest from both sides. The Rockets can certainly use Noel’s length in the middle but they will need to polish his offense.

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Nonetheless, these are all speculations but expect the Sixers to be active on draft. On the other hand, the Rockets are looking to bounce back from a mediocre season that saw them barely make the playoffs. They were humiliated by the Golden State Warriors that only played Stephen Curry for about 40 minutes in the entire series.

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  • Phillyrich1

    There is NO WAY the Sixers are trading a young, athletic C for two NBA vagabonds and what promises to be another future pick, especially one promising to be in the 15-20 range.

    Beasley is an UFA after next season and has started a total of 3 games in the past 3 years. Goudelock scored 22 more points in the last four NBA seasons than I did.

    If you want to consider vets for Noel, start with Patrick Beverly, the right to swap picks in the future, and an unrestricted 1st round pick.

  • Jay Will

    Please don’t trade Nerlens, please don’t trade Nerlens, please don’t trade Nerlens, please don’t trade Nerlens

  • wbramh

    The Colangelos might be stupid, but not THAT stupid.

  • Dcoyone

    So weary of all the BS speculation….of course Philly is testing the waters with there young talent. But it will and should take a lot to get them to move one of them. There not just going to give them way… please stop with all of the stupid possible trade rumors. Anything can happen but The question is will it and the probability is ….not likely….not unless you have a really good proposition.

  • JohnnyGonz

    This article is regoddamndiculous

  • FLeaglesFan

    This is the dumbest trade scenario I’ve seen yet…..well done!

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Michael Beasley and who?? And 2nd round picks?? Lmfao. Is this deadazz right now?? Are they smoking the molly down there? This is hilarious.