NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook felt Kevin Durant backstabbed him with the decision to sign with Warriors?

NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook felt Kevin Durant backstabbed him with the decision to sign with Warriors?

For Russell Westbrook, trust is a big issue. Rumors are swirling that Westbrook felt he was stabbed in the back by teammate and friend Kevin Durant when he decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors this summer.

Days leading to Durant’s big decision, Westbrook was shocked to learn of the move. Reports have stated that his style of play did a great deal in Durant’s decision, to which the latter denied. However, those close to Westbrook stated that he is both “angry and hurt” not by his friend’s decision to play elsewhere but because Durant did not simply tell him or even bother to call him about it.

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Westbrook thought Durant would re-sign with the Thunder and take a player option for next summer to join him in free agency. However, Durant had other things in mind. One of them is to chase a championship ring, which he thinks he could not get with Westbrook and with the Thunder. For that, Westbrook felt Durant backstabbed him as he left him to lead the team for next season when they were close to achieving their goals this postseason.

Since then Westbrook remained silent of his next move and speculations of a trade sparked that the Thunder waived Dion Waiters. It was a ploy to create enough space cap to convince him to renegotiate his contract to avoid him jumping to free agency next year and avoid a tear-down. If Westbrook leaves, the Thunder franchise would crumble down with two of their top players making their exodus.

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Westbrook has sent word that he does not want to be traded this offseason, but with his refusal to sit down and talk about renegotiating his contract the Thunder could possibly trade him. It is obvious that the Thunder does not want to be held hostage with the Westbrook scenario but drastic decisions should be made in the end.

The Thunder even hatched a plan to go all out with Blake Griffin next year if Westbrook decides to take the renegotiation route, but all these things are still possibilities. Westbrook now holds the future of his career in his hands.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr